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Yoga Stretch Strap Fitness Band With Multiple Loops

Yoga Stretch Strap Fitness Band With Multiple Loops

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It’s very important to stretch pre and post working out or playing sports. There’s plenty of equipment on the market for stretching that are inspired by yoga, but often the simplest tools are the best.

The Yoga Stretch Fitness Band is perfect for any pre and post workout stretching routine. It will become an essential part of you exercise journey in no time! It’s easily adjustable because of the multiple built-in loops and is lightweight and compact. This fitness band is made from a highly durable yet soft cotton blend material for your comfort.

What Is A Yoga Strap


Adjustable Loops: Adjust the resistance of the fitness band to increase or decrease the intensity of a warm-up and stretching routine. Use the loops to securely adjust the band.

Strong and Comfortable: Because this stretch band comes in contact constantly with your skin, it needs to be made from materials that are strong for the stretching, and won’t irritate the skin. This band is made with a cotton blend to achieve just that.

Light and Easy To Carry: The fitness band is super compact and lightweight to carry. Throw it into your gym bag!

Yoga Resistance Bands Uk


Increase Flexibility: Flexibility comes from being active and having loose muscles and means you can perform at your peak. This fitness band increases your flexibility greatly!

Feel Younger: By doing more extensive stretching, your joints and muscles will work much more effectively. Afterwards, you’ll feel younger and more invigorated too!

Wide Application: Use it for stretching before and after working out or add the fitness band into your yoga routine for a more disciplined and intense session.

Yoga Stretch Band Exercises


  • Length: 1.5m
  • Width: 3cm
  • Mark: 1-4 Level
  • Material: Polyester and cotton blend
Yoga Resistance Bands

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Barbara Terner
This is better than others!

I was getting interested in yoga due to the epidemic. Just out of curiosity. This turns out to be a great decision. Love the multiple loops in the yoga strap, it helps me adjust myself for different workouts.

Lauren W
A sturdy stretch strap with multiple loops and durable stitching

My last career was as a personal trainer and I used different stretch straps and even dog leashes! I now have back issues and need to do multiple stretches particularly leg stretches for hamstrings and quadriceps as well as glute stretches. Although I can do hamstring and quad stretches and others with no stretch strap, it is easier with a stretch strap. I put my shoe in the last loop and lie down and pull my leg back stretching both my quads and hip flexors on my side. Then lying down, I attach the end loop to my foot and pull the foot back stretching both calves and hamstrings at the same time. The different loops make it convenient to use for other stretches also and the strong stitching particularly on the loops on each end make the strap very sturdy. A client once had a shoemaker use the same stitching for nylon straps that could hold body weight using d rings and handles like a popular brand name device so the stitching I know is durable as is the heavyweight canvas fabric. I compared various straps and prices and rejected straps that actually stretch since they aren't appropriate for static stretching. This strap is a good value and not much more expensive than a dog leash without loops.

Jeannette C.
Essential after knee replacement surgery

I bought this strap to help lift my leg after knee replacement surgery and to aid in stretching during recovery. After surgery it is very hard to move and lift the leg. This strap is very strong and very well made. Having loops every 6 inches is perfect and allows you to grasp as close or as far as you want. HINT:grabbing closer to the foot to lift the leg is less painful. Is is easily foldable and I tuck it into my walker pouch so I can take it from room to room to use as needed. I've been using it in my physical therapy to help bend my knee. I am very pleased and recommend this strap.

C. Anne Tipton
Worth it!

I had tight hip flexor muscles and other issues following a hip replacement surgery. I couldn't walk even a half mile without getting terrible cramps in the hip flexor muscle and the glut. muscle in the surgical leg, sometimes I wasn't sure if I could even make it back home. I felt that I just needed these muscles stretched better. I researched these stretching straps, bought one. After playing around with it for about 10 to 15 minutes, when I took a walk that afternoon, I was able to walk 1 1\2 miles with no cramping! I was so pleased! I am religious about stretching every day and I have not had anymore cramps and my tight hip flexor is finally loosening up. I am a true believer of these straps.

David L
Definitely the first choice!

Yeah, this is my third strap. The loop strap maintains the first-class quality. It is soft, sturdy, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color options. Also, the details like stitches, packages, are great! If you have a strap like this, you’ll be eager to do yoga more and more each day. Can't wait to take this to show off to my yoga classmates who are still using their boring and dull straps. Anyway, it's a truly high quality strap and worth every penny. Wow, wait, I'm even willing to pay more for it!

Sam Becket
Good Choice

The material is soft and comfortable on your hands and feet, unlike the other straps I’ve used at PT. The strapping is a wider, too. This was a little more expensive than some of the other loop strap choices, but it’s worth it, I’m glad I made this purchase.