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Capsule Vegetable Washing Machine | Automatic Fruits & Vege Disinfector Home Pesticide Cleaner

Capsule Vegetable Washing Machine | Automatic Fruits & Vege Disinfector Home Pesticide Cleaner

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Eating healthy is important, but what happens when the healthy food we want to eat has nasty chemicals on top of them?

What Can You Use To Wash Fruits And Vegetables

Humans aren’t supposed to ingest pesticides and other nasty chemicals used to grow the healthy fruits and vegetables we love. And while producers try to rinse them off before they sell them to us, they often don’t do a good enough job of this. With the Capsule Vegetable Washing Machine, your home will eat clean and sterilized fruit and vegetables from now on. After charging it, simply stick it in a sink filled with water and let it clean your produce with water and electrolysis only – no more chemicals ever!

What Do You Wash Fruit And Vegetables With


USB Charging: This device relies on USB charging for use. This is great as there are no wires and no need for you to get your hands wet either!

Electrolysis Technology: Protect the health of everyone at home as this device doesn’t use chemicals to clean, but relies on electrolysis and water only.

Portable: Take the washing machine anywhere to ensure your food is clean. All you need is a sink or large bowl, water and you can clean fruit and vegetables in no time. Eat safely from now on!

Why Should We Not Wash Vegetables After Cutting Them


Sterilize And Clean Food: The food we eat can still contain residue from pesticides and other chemicals from their farming. These are harmful to humans. Worry about them no more with this Washing Machine.

Easy To Use: This device is easy to use and an absolute necessity for having clean fruit and vegetables. Even your children will be able to use it after coming back from shopping.

Chemical Free: The only thing worse than chemicals on our food would be to then clean them with more chemicals! This washing machine is perfect because it relies on water and not harsh chemicals to clean.

Do You Need To Wash Frozen Vegetables

How To Use:

  1. Fully charge on docking station before first use. When charging, the green light flashes. When charging is complete, the green light will stay solid (stop flashing).
  2. Place fruit and vegetables in a sink with clean, fresh water (temperature at or below 40°F). It is recommended to not exceed 3L of water.
  3. Put fruit and vegetable washing machine at the bottom of the sink and keep them submerged.
  4. During the working period, occasionally stir the fruit and vegetables around to enhance cleaning.
  5. During the operation of the machine, electrolyzed water may smell of disinfectant or detergent, which is normal. It is not using any of these though.
  6. After the fruit and vegetable machine is finished, you will hear 3 beeps and all indicator lights will go out. At this time, let the fruits and vegetables in the vegetable washing basin stand for 5-10 minutes to fully receive the effects of the electrolysis.
  7. Finally, take the fruits and vegetables out with clean water and rinse once more.

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Customer Reviews

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A product that satisfies my wife very well. Usually when she comes home from work she doesn't get to spend too much time with the kid since she has to do all the house chores and straight to bed preparing for making money tomorrow for the family. Since there are vegetables and clothing's that needs to be washed I bought two mechines specifically to help lighten her load. One for the laundry and one for the vegetables. She often call me lazy and useless weather I am in the house or outside of our home in front of the kids or in front of other adults. I highly recommend this product since I have high hope of it saving my marriage, plus it is small a huge plus and a representation to my effort in my household.

Adam Huang

This portable mini washing machine is quite convenient and effective. You can literally hold it in your hand. There is a slight scent of disinfectant. It came really handy when I traveled a couple of weeks ago. I think the best part is that you can just leave it there, go do something else and then come back. The bottom line, it's a pretty excellent product. So far I haven't found any issue with it. Five stars for sure.

Lori W

It’s good to wash vegetables and fruits.

Cat Martin

I like that this uses a completely different method to clean small loads. Because this is so portable, it really is a great addition to your travel gear!

Tess Francis Templin

Tiny, light weight just what I needed for helping me cleaning veges and fruits

Allison H

Great! really good little device, Recommended!