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Waist Training Twisting Disc

Waist Training Twisting Disc

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Looking for a partner for the ultimate waist trimmer & core trainer? Look no more! Waist Training Twisting Disc is here to save the day!

Twisting Disc for Waist Exercise

It effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of aerobic exercise and reflexology with its magnetic acupoint therapy for weight loss. It is designed with 8 magnetic therapeutic nodules that build a magnetic field on microcirculation that substantially improves subcutaneous fat burning & metabolism. Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs. Exercise can become a pleasure now for you can step onto it while listening to music or watching TV.

How To Use Waist Training Twisting Disc

Stepping onto it while listening to music or watching TV makes exercise a pleasure. Enjoy yourself while your twisting motion melts away fat and trims your waistline. No side effects no matter how long you use it. Guaranteed safe.

Unlike other such twist boards or discs, this Waist Training Twisting Disc's 200-some nodules stimulate specific meridian points on the soles of your feet to apply the benefits of acupressure. It naturally revitalizes and restores fitness throughout your entire body.

But Waist Twisting Disc Online
  • Compact and portable which makes it easy to store.
  • Designed with 8 therapeutic magnets for meridian point stimulation.
  • Substantially improves circulation and fat cell metabolism.
  • Easy yet vigorous form of aerobic exercise to burn calories.
  • Strengthens core muscles, tendons & ligaments.
  • Firms & tones abdominals and glutes.
  • Lifts hips and trains calves.

Waist and core building has never been easier! Add to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I really enjoy the waist trainer making exercise fun!

Leslie Mauerman

Good ‘ it works but needs to be sturdier and better made.