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Total Control Electric Pedicure Callus Remover | 3 Head Waterproof Heel Grinder

Total Control Electric Pedicure Callus Remover | 3 Head Waterproof Heel Grinder

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Getting pretty and healthy looking feet, especially when you have a wardrobe full of heels and strap sandals, is a must. There are plenty of callus removers on the market to make this happen, but none as good as this one!

What Is Callus Remover

Get your feet summer ready and healthy in appearance once again with the Total Control Electric Pedicure Callus Remover. It comes with three grinding heads of varying coarseness and a dual speed 6w internal motor so no amount of dead skin buildup gets in the way! With the included USB charger and LED screen, you’ll never run out of battery life again and with the quality quartz design, it even looks stylish. Stop being embarrassed of your feet with the help of this pedicure grade electric callus remover!

How To Remove A Callus From A Diabetic Foot


Large Clear Display: Never run out of battery life again! The bright and clear LED screen tells you exactly how much life is left in electric callus remover.

Dust Container Attachment: The excess dead skin removed from your feet is collected in the container attachment. This makes for clean and quick removal without dust spreading.

Dual Speed: For a light removal of calluses, use the first speed. For more stubborn calluses, use the higher setting for a deeper and more effective removal. The 6w motor is there to work for your feet!

How To Remove Heel Callus


Better Foot Health: Say goodbye to ugly dry heels, fungal buildup and stubborn calluses all around your feet. The electric callus remover is great for improving the appearance and health of your feet.

Quality Quartz Design: The sharp looking electric callus remover looks like a professional tool! It’s small and effective, subtle and classy in design.

USB Charged: You don’t need to buy batteries for the electric callus remover to operate. Simply charge it with a USB for efficient use.

Waterproof Design: The electric callus remover can be easily cleaned in water, because of it’s unique waterproof design. No need to panic if it gets submerged in your bathroom sink!

How To Remove Callus On Big Toe

How To Use:

  1. Insert one side of removing tool into top of grinder.
  2. Connect other side to form a dual grip.
  3. Lift form one side only to flip off and detach the grinder.
  4. With new grinder head, place in center grooves.
  5. Press down firmly.
  6. Check it is secure.
How To Use Callus Remover

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Electric Pedicure Callus Remover
  • 3 x Roller Grinding Heads
  • 1 x Protective Lid
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Charging Cord
  • 1 x User Manual

How To Remove Callus From Bottom Of Foot

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Donna Nicoletti

It does the job beautifully!

Martha Hartzog
Good product.

Did a good job. Smooth down the rough edges. Very pleased.

B Hobson

I am very pleased with my purchase it works well the curved head is great and targets much better than a straight roller.

Betty M.
I am in love with totalcontrol

Totalcontrol is just great, it’s an awesome little tool and a must have for anybody who cares for having healthy good looking feet. I’ve used it twice so far and I can tell it’s a professional quality tool, exactly what it claims to be on the box. It’s very easy to use and quite powerful - all you have to do is slightly touch your feet with it and device does the rest. There is no need to push hard on it because it will stop, so your skin won’t get cut. Another reason why you shouldn’t push too hard on it is because this callus remover uses a special polishing plate as opposed to a roller that’s used on all other models – it rotates alongside your foot's surface, not against it, so it’s much more effective without any extra pressure. When you are done using it, just twist the head off and remove the dead skin from the collector. Removing it is pretty straight forward (for the record, instructions are written very well) and while others may see it as a boring extra step, I’m grateful for this neat feature because even though it takes you an extra minute to do that, it saves you a lot of cleaning. If you ever tried to use an electric callus remover outside of your shower area where you can easily wash the dead skin off, you know exactly what I mean!

Kristina Mills
I noticed totalcontrol because it was different from others and I’m so glad I purchased it

I work on the sales floor and I have to walk around all days long, so my feet are sort of a weak spot for me as I probably develop more dead skin than any average person. I had all kind of callus removers, cheap ones and expensive ones, but they are all the same and most of them were not really effective for me. I noticed totalcontrol because it was different from others and I’m so glad I purchased it! It cuts my calluses much better that any other callus remover I have owned and currently owe, it seems to have more power than devices that I paid twice as much for and speaking of money, totalcontrol is priced really cheap for a quality device like this! I give this product well deserved five stars and I already recommended it to some of my coworkers!

Great Product!!!

I never tried an electric foot file before, so after some research I decided to buy this product. I liked the fact that it’s portable and that the polishing surface is made of metal – I’ve used many coarse grain foot files before and no matter how much you pay for them, they get worn off fairly quick.I was very excited when the package came, so I tried it right away and the only regret I’m having so far is that I didn’t buy it long time ago. First off, it looks really nice, just like on the pictures and it’s very comfortable to hold. To make the long story short, I am very happy with the way this electric foot file works. Even though I never had another one that I can compare it to, I loved the process, loved the feeling, it was quick comparing to how long it used to take me and it was very gentle on my skin. I also think it left my feet a lot softer than they used to be after using manual foot files. I would recommend this product to anyone!