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Tooth Stain Eraser Plaque Remover For Whiter Teeth

Tooth Stain Eraser Plaque Remover For Whiter Teeth

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Bright and pearly white teeth are something we all want. But paying for them can’t be a real drain on a bank account and painful to get.

How To Remove Plaque From Teeth

Plaque and tartar buildup around your teeth can be very damaging and regular brushing just doesn’t do enough to remove them. The Tooth Stain Eraser Plaque Remover for Whiter Teeth is a dentist quality tool that removes nasty buildup around your teeth regular brushing doesn’t. With light sonic pulses, your teeth will get whiter, brighter and healthier in no time. Add it to your daily brushing and flossing routine for a pearly white smile.

How To Remove Plaque


4 Brush Heads: The 4 (included) brush heads can be used for; cleaning between teeth, smoothing teeth, cleaning tartar and removing other stubborn stains. Use each brush for whatever treatment you need.

Pulsating Head: The pulsating brush head gives sonic like vibrations to gently and safely remove plaque and buildup around your teeth. This feature is great for preserving your tooth enamel.

Ergonomic Design: The plaque remover is a handheld and ergonomically designed device that is easy to grip and won’t slip on you. It also runs on AA batteries, so it’s easy to travel with.

How To Remove Plaque From Teeth At Home


Get Pearly White Teeth: And get them fast! The plaque remover literally chips away at plaque and other build up around your teeth to make your teeth stains disappear.

Improve Oral Health: Removing plaque and other buildup not only improves the appearance of your teeth, but overall oral health too. Your breath will even smell better, and for longer.

Enhance Your Cleaning Routine: Combining the plaque remover with daily toothbrush cleaning and flossing will give you arguably the best oral care routine you can do from home. Get that post dental clean after every use!

How To Remove Plaque From Retainers

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Tooth Stain Eraser
  • 4 x Brush Heads
  • 1 x USB Charging Cord
  • 1 x User Manual
How To Remove Plaque At Home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mari Salcido

It takes a few tries and a large mirror to get this right but if you do the right angles it removes tartar super fast. I recommend this but you have to be patient.


It works! Successfully remove calculus from my kid's teeth.


I got this to use on my sons teeth when I realized he was neglecting a section of his mouth. It definitely works at chipping away the plaque!

Madison Sholl

Pleasantly surprised with this product. Im quite honestly, terrified of the dentist. And this product is dentist quality, but for at home. Im really happy and so are my teeth!


I really really hate the dentist. I just don’t want to hear the judgment. I am trying this out to see if I can get ahead of the game before my next dental cleaning and wow them with my lack of calculus.


Very easy to use and works well. Definitely recommend!