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Still Zzz - Anxiety Sleep Aid Device With Adjustable Hand & Foot Band

Still Zzz - Anxiety Sleep Aid Device With Adjustable Hand & Foot Band

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Have you tried an endless amount of “magic fixes” that still can’t get you to sleep through the whole night?

What Is The Most Effective Natural Sleep Aid

Then it’s time you tried something that will actually work and won’t require doctors’ visits or expensive and unsafe pills. The Still Zzz Anxiety Sleep Aid Device with Adjustable Hand & Foot Band is a natural device that works by getting your anxiety levels down when you lay in bed for the night so your body can concentrate on the important stuff – like getting some shut eye! This sleep instrument works by stimulating the muscles in your hands or feet to relax your whole body. You’ll be amazed by its simplicity and effectiveness!

What Is The Best Sleep Aid


Rechargeable Device: With the included USB Charging Cord you can easily and quickly recharge this Sleep Aid before you jump into bed each night. No batteries or power cords needed!

Adjustable Intensity: Adjust the stimulating pads from Slight, Moderate to Strong. Pick the level of stimulation you need each night.

Adjustable Loops: The small Velcro loops used to adjust the straps are comfortable and make for easy moving. No fuss or scratching on your skin.

LED Screen: See what level of intensity you have the device set as well as the battery level from the crystal clear LED screen. It works great in the dark!

Two Modes: Maximize your days and nights with Still Zzz's two modes! Use sleep mode for a pleasant, calmer and deeper sleep. Try out exciting mode to enhance your focus.

What Are The Best Sleep Aids


Sleep Better, Feel Better: The importance of a good night's sleep has been well documented by doctors across the globe. With this device you’ll get better sleep, so you feel better in the morning and enjoy better health overall!

Take It With You: Keep up your new, healthy sleep routine even when you’re away from your home bed. This device is quick to charge and small enough to take with you on your travels, so you can keep sleeping.

All-Natural Solution: That’s right. No pills, drugs or weird procedures that do more harm to the body than good. This is an all-natural solution to poor sleep.

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  • Material: ABS and Stainless Steel
  • Input: 5v-I A
  • Working power: 0.4w
  • Battery capacity: 150 mAh
  • Net weight: 29 g
  • Product size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm
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What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Still Zzz - Anxiety Sleep Aid Device
  • 1 x Hand band
  • 1 x Feet band
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Sleep Band

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janice Miller
Works great

Originally bought this to help fall asleep and for major anxiety and depression. Works well to help calm me down during panic attacks. All 3 of my kids are now also using for homework and to help them calm down also.

M Swisher
It seems to be helping with my insomnia so far

When you have debilitating insomnia, you'll try pretty much anything. I've used it 3 nights in a row, and all three nights, I've been asleep in under 45 mins, and have been able to get back to sleep fairly quickly, by turning it back on when I wake.

OMG!! This really works!! I'm taking my life back!!

This little gadget actually works!! I have been suffering from anxiety since I passed out on the side of the road when I was pregnant. I believe since then...I have been suffering from PTSD because it was traumatizing. heart rate takes off out of nowhere for no reason and my doctor put me on medicine. I am a registered nurse and I don't want to be on meds for anxiety. I want to be healed from this condition not to take meds everytime it happens to the point where I am dependent. I literally watched my heart rate drop on my fitbit. Totally Amazing!! Goodbye meds...I'm taking my life back!!

Victoria Prickett
Favorite purchase this year (and I order A LOT)

So when I say I order online a lot, I mean that I get primenesia because I forget what all is coming. And this device is the best purchase I’ve used the most this year. I’ve got awful anxiety, and I’ll sit at my desk at work holding this thing all day long and it helps me stay calm. I hold it while I’m driving. I hold it when I’m going to bed. It might as well be part of my anatomy at this point. I use it so often that the strap broke lol, customer service is being kind enough to send a replacement strap to me. I’m purchasing a second one right after I leave this review so that I don’t have to worry about leaving this one at home when I go to work.I attached an image of where I hold it to feel what I describe as micro electric pulses that I feel throughout my entire body. The frequency of them slows down my brain and my pulse, which is so helpful because I have bad ADHD and again, I pretty much have as much anxiety as I do oxygen.It’s not for everyone, my male coworker hates the sensation, but my female coworker constantly wants to use it lol.

Stephanie L
Finally a relaxing sleep throughout the night

Someone suggested this device and I thought I would try it. For years I've always had a problem keeping asleep during the night. I would take nighttime Tylenol or Advil to help but that didn't always work and I don't like taken medicine if I don't have to.The first night with this device I still woke up during the night but the second night I slept through and felt refreshed and less stressed. I've been using it since and have been having the best sleeps in years.I'm a skeptical person of gimmics but this one worked for me. I just turn in the device and fall asleep with it in my left hand.


I was skeptical about this but it actually works and calms my anxiety. Especially my overstimulation anxiety. I use this every day and my school actually got them for students to use in the counseling office after I recommended them. It doesn't fully take away anxiety but it stops the constant anxiety attacks and for that, im grateful.