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Spine Relief Lumbar Support | Adjustable Waist Back Belt

Spine Relief Lumbar Support | Adjustable Waist Back Belt

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Spine and other assorted back pain are some of the most common ailments many adults face and they only gets worse with age!

 With our adjustable waist back belt, real spine relief and lumbar support is here to rescue you and your poor back! With strong, warming and comfortable support, you’ll notice your back will be less stiff and painful in no time. Correct your spine and receive effective lumbar support when you strap into this adjustable, lightweight yet super strong belt. Wear it under clothing discreetly all day too!

umbar Support Brace


Breathable Mesh Design: With breathable mesh used in the construction of this support belt, bacteria buildup from perspiration is something you won’t have to worry about. Great for warmer months too – because back pain doesn’t take time off in the summer!

Self-Heating Magnets: The 12 built-in self-heating magnets provide hot acupuncture-like therapy for your back. You’ll notice the warmth all over your middle to lower back areas.

Double Compression Design: The strong compression design allows for effective lumbar vertebra support, an increase in intrathoracic pressure (for pain relief) and more overall comfort.

Belly Slimming Shapewear


Alloy And ABS Support: The alloy support gives back and spine pain sufferers powerful and lightweight support. The ABS support helps avoid back muscles experiencing atrophy.

Adjustable Fit: Your body may experience weight loss and gains over time. The belt adjusts for that, so no need to purchase new belts. It is designed to fit all of you!

Improve Mobility: After consistent and prolonged wearing of the belt, you’ll notice increased mobility and a general feeling off looseness in your mid to lower back over time.

Back Support Belt


  • Small: Length ~ 90cm Suits Waist Circumference 70-87cm
  • Medium: Length ~ 100cm suits waist circumference 88-97cm
  • Large: Length ~ 110cm Suits Waist Circumference 98-107cm
  • XL: Length ~ 120cm Suits Waist Circumference 108-117cm
Lower Lumbar Back Brace

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Lumbar Support Belt
  • 3 x Replaceable Pads
  • 1 x Set Of Metal Plates
  • 1 x Set Of ABS Plates
Lower Back Brace For Posture

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Great Fit and Support!

    After just one day of use, my back pain is almost gone!!

    Wonderful Support!

    I'm packing and moving and have a bad back - not a good combination. So I ordered this Back Support Belt for Lower Back Support and it works great! I Good product - highly recommend.

    A back brace that gives great support and very comfortable

    This back brace is very well made with quality materials, It is such a relief to not have back pain with this back brace instead of taking pain pills.

    Barbara Primous-Jackson
    Support where you need it

    This brace provides better support than previous one I had.

    Pain relief and comfort

    After being diagnosed of having degenerative disc disease and my back popped the end of last year, I knew I needed some form of back support. With the help of your reviews I selected thisadjustable back brace. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and I find it very comfortable and really ease the pain in my back and legs. I'm able to walk longer and instead of taking the taxis I take the bus.


    Fit very well and instantly made my back feel stronger and supported.