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Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser And Plaque Remover

Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser And Plaque Remover

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Now you can get rid of plaque and whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home! And, most importantly, SAVE lots of money by not having to go to the dentist to get it done!

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning vs. Manual Teeth Scaling

A high speed micro motor create 30,000 sonic vibration conduct to tool's head to remove the stain, polish the teeth and massage the gums. Bright LED to help finish the job move accurate. Incorporated with a plaque remover head and two different stain remover heads (one with a pointed end and one with a flat end).

Do Tooth Stain Erasers Work


  • Sonic dental tools, the speed of the grinding head is up to 30000 times per minute.
  • High-speed sonic vibration help to remove tartar on the teeth effectively and massage the gums.
  • High efficiency, the eraser head of 30 thousand times per minute with high-speed acoustic vibration enable remove teeth stain, polish teeth and massage gums easily.
  • Three different function heads.
    • One with a stain-removing composite material that has a pointed end to remove tooth stains in between teeth; another with the same stain-removing composite material but a flat end to remove tooth stains on the surface of teeth; and another with a rubberized conical head plaque remover.
  • Steady motion vibration: To improve the speed and effectiveness of tougher stain removal
  • Comes with a super bright LED light: To help you see more clearly, the spots that need to be cleaned

How To Remove Nicotine Stains From Teeth


  • Gum massaging
  • Improve gingival bleeding
  • Improve gingival recession
  • Enhance teeth desensitization
  • Remove tartar
  • Remove stains
  • Remove smoke stains
  • Teeth polishing
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How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Teeth
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Daniel Woo
Second time the charm

Received the Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser and Plaque Remover and when I tried to use, it didn’t work. I contacted Healthy Livin’ Solutions and after sending them a video of the device not working, I received another in the mail. Glad Healthy Livin’ Solutions took care of this. Would buy from again.

Darren Trujillo

I'm so glad I got this from you and I'm sure my Dentist noticed as well. I will keep my eye out for your products. Thank you so much

Elizabeth Jeans
Big improvement in stains and plaque

I've been making it a project to try to get my teeth really white at home. I started with brushing, flossing and mouthwash but that wasn't enough. I added in the WaterPik system and that got them a little whiter but still not enough. Then I added the Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser and Plaque Remover. With the Sonic treatment, I got my upper teeth a lot whiter (my canines have been noticeably yellow for as long as I can remember). My front lower teeth have stains on the sides, and the Sonic treatment reduced the size of these stains. I also get a buildup of plaque behind my lower teeth and the Sonic treatment does a good job of removing that plaque. Flossing would leave the plaque with sharp edges that scratched my tongue and the Sonic treatment leaves them nice and smooth.

Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser And Plaque Remover

Great product. Does what it says.


Working perfectly.

El-Fadel Ningbinnin
Fast Delivery! Product as Described!

Very Fast shipment! Product as advertised. The product is good for new small stains but not for old stains. The vibration is extremely gentle, but with a little more power this would be an excellent product.