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Smart Standing Sanitizer | Commercial Fogger

Smart Standing Sanitizer | Commercial Fogger

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Having access to clean and humid air, especially in today’s pandemic and climate-affected world, has never been more vital for us. Temperature, moisture levels and sanitation are all key factors in clean air. We need to ask ourselves, is our air really good for us?

How To Make Hand Sanitizer

The Smart Standing Sanitizer will completely humidify and sanitize the air you breathe at home or in the office. It’s perfect for any commercial or large room setup (up to 160m2) and especially important for today’s pandemic and climate change affected world. With an easy to use LED Screen and remote control (included), you’ll be able to easily control the humidity and sanitizing levels of the precious air you breathe. Let this diffuser act as a disinfectant for the air you, your family or co-workers breathe in regularly, so you can all stay healthy, no matter what’s going on.

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Coronavirus


4-Way Nozzle: Get humidified and sanitized air at all corners of a room. The 4-way nozzle ensures the room is properly filled for all to enjoy.

Remote Controlled: Getting up and adjusting the humidifier isn’t necessary with the remote control included with purchase. Sit or lay back and relax and adjust the humidifier’s functions without ever getting up.

Large LCD: The touch screen display has a number of indicators and functions for you to customize. Control the amount of fog emitted and sterilization amount needed.

Does Hand Sanitizer Expire


Water Line Connection: For constant and continual use of the humidifier, we have included an inlet pipe connection to any household faucet. The water tank will never need to be refilled again!

3 Fold Atomization: The ceramic atomization film ensures the foggy air comes out clean and quiet. Their triangular design helps ensure exact air concentration too.

Smart Timing Function: Use the included timer function (up to 12 hours) so you never waste any power or water while not using the humidifier.  Add an hour with a simple click of a button.

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Viruses


  • Rated Voltage:  220v ~
  • Power: 80w
  • Noise Level: <58db
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Capacity: 16L
  • Product Size: 26 x 26 x 62cm
  • Fog Emission Per Hour: 2000ml/h

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Taylor Hindermann

It is very easy to use and can hold plenty of water. I leave mine to mist every hour. i really recomended this fogger!


This works realy well and gives off lots of mist if you need it to. The settings are easy to set and is super quiet, I don't even know it's running when it is on. The settings for regulation are really good too.


I’ve been using this for several months now and it’s worked almost perfectly. Love it!

Sean Saunders

This fogger is so cool. It quick and easy to keep the mist coming. I really love this product.


I have three of these foggers that I use to maintain the humidity. The timer function is great.

J-son H.

Used this for mold disinfecting in my apartment. So far I’ve had no issues in my new place. Doesn’t get hot and battery lasts long enough. Also could be used for many things.