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Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator | 7L Light & Portable Home Oxygen Maker

Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator | 7L Light & Portable Home Oxygen Maker

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When breathing difficulties occur, it’s important to act fast, but getting to a hospital isn’t always easy!

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Now when disaster strikes, you can have the solution on hand and without leaving your home. The Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator will be there to help with quick and effective, pure oxygen delivery to get a person breathing easy, once again. It has a 7L tank that is perfect for long recovery sessions, and the large buttons, backlight and on-screen features mean that operation is easy – even for elderly people. It even has a remote-control function, making it perfect for use during bedtime. This portable home oxygen maker may be lifesaving for those who have severe asthma or other respiratory issues!

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Smarter & Lighter: The Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator is designed for easy, everyday use. It’s simple and stylish with sleek lines, lightweight and smaller in size and brightly colored. The built-in backlight lets you see the concentrator’s status immediately.

Oxygen Generation & Atomization: Receive continuous and stable oxygen supply with adjustable flow from 1 to 7L/min. Maximum concentration is 93±3%. It will greatly improve breathing from the comfort of your home. The concentrator is equipped with an atomizing interface, one machine with dual uses.

Pure & Clean Oxygen Supplement: We guarantee every breath you take from the Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator is clean, purified and humidified through the imported molecular sieve. It also has a strong adsorption force and 9 other grades of filtration before being delivered to users.

42dB Whisper Quiet Operation: You can continue working and studying or sleep soundly without being disturbed as the Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator runs at a noise lower than 42dB. This is a high performance oil-free compressor which can work for 72 hrs. continuously.

Easy to Use: The Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator is easy for the elderly to use with large buttons and a remote-control function. It will automatically humidify the oxygen so there’s no need to add water. The one-click SOS feature may come in handy for protecting your loved ones.

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Breathe Easy: When someone is experiencing breathing difficulties it important to act fast to avoid a medical disaster. The Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator in your home may save someone’s life one day!

Avoid the Hospital: Now, if breathing difficulty strikes, you can fix the issue with the Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator in your home. No more late-night hospital visits needed!

Lightweight & Portable: The design of the Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator kept portability and weight in mind. Now, you can travel easily with this breathing device and have more peace of mind too.

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When breathing troubles strike, don’t panic! Add the Smart Auto Oxygen Concentrator to cart, and you’ll be breathing easy once more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tamara L Simpkins
Worth it

It took 3 minutes to set up ..and I feeling so much better , my oxegen was 81 when I started it's been a hour now and it's 94 now head dont feel so foggy now beings I just got it I will let you know down the road once I get some wear on far definitely worth it..

Joseph S
Easy set up, quiet.

This is a perfect second oxygen machine for my mom. It is very quiet, and compact. Remote control makes turning this on and off super easy.

Vicky L. Schiller
Great unit for severe COPD user

Our insurance company contracts with Apria and they tried to bring us a huge, jet engine sounding monster of a machine that beeps so loud it could double as a fire alarm.We showed the technician this unit and he said it is a legitimate concentrator but he had never seen it before.This is our second unit for upstairs.The first unit we purchased lasted 5 years (probably longer had we cleaned it like we will do from now on) and we just replaced it.Very pleased with this unit as am currently living with severe COPD, emphysema and asthma.

Dorothy T.
Its works

This concentrator is for my wife. Her main concentrator is too big and heavy to use in the RV. Ordered this hoping it would work as a secondary unit. I was apprehensive, so I took the unit to a company that services oxygen concentrators - they measured the oxygen output and it came out a 92% at the rate of 2L. At higher rates, it did not produce oxygen at 85% greater which is necessary for medical use. She has used this unit about six times and it works fine at a setting of 2L. It works great for her purposes.

So far so good

I've only been using it for a few days, but I am definitely sleeping better and my oxygen hasn't been falling below 90% saturation at night. A big improvement for me.

Value for money

Value for money everything works great, so far no complains