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Smart Acupoint Eye Massager With Bluetooth Music | Comfier Massager

Smart Acupoint Eye Massager With Bluetooth Music | Comfier Massager

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Our eyes are used so much these days, so why don’t we protect them or help them recover like the rest of our body?

The Smart Acupoint Eye Massager with Bluetooth Music is the perfect solution for improving the performance of something we use so much and take for granted – our eyes! The soft silicone interior provides a gentle kneading massage and uses a hot compress to soothe and repair the eye area. And with Bluetooth connectivity, you can further relax with your favorite music. To improve circulation around your eyes and treat your most important body part with care, use the Smart Acupoint Eye Massager with Bluetooth Music.

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Kneading Massage: By gently kneading the eyes, the Smart Acupoint Eye Massager with Bluetooth Music is the perfect way for tired eyes to recover. There is very light pressure during the massage, so it is safe and relaxing.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Escape the monotony of your day by relaxing with an eye massage all while you listen to your favorite music. By using the Bluetooth feature, you can be soothed on even the most stressful days.

Long Battery Life: The Smart Acupoint Eye Massager with Bluetooth Music is charged with the included USB cord. It has a long battery life so you can use multiple times in a day. This also makes it a perfect device to travel with.

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Eye Recovery: The strain we put on our eyes daily can be immense. Jobs that require lots of screen time can make our eyes particularly tired. Keep your eyes happy with a daily recovery session with the Smart Acupoint Eye Massager with Bluetooth Music.

Prevents Headaches: A cause for headaches often stems from stress on the eyes or eye tiredness. By massaging the eyes and letting them recover properly, you’ll experience less headaches too!

Improves Circulation: The hot compress feature of the kneading massage improves your blood circulation around the eye area. This leaves the eyes feeling refreshed and repairs any damage from overuse.

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  • Four massage modes
  • Voice broadcast
  • Built-in music
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Warm compress
  • One-key function operation
  • Type-C charging interface
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Input current: DC5V 1A
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Let your eyes recover from those long, stressful days by adding this to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Teresa B
I love it!

I received the eye massager promptly and it was neatly packaged. It has 4 modes, heat and has bluetooth capabilities so you can connect to some relaxing music while you use it. Modes 1-2 has sound and heat, mode 3 has heat and no sound and mode 4 is just the massaging without heat or sound. Overall, I find it very relaxing and really enjoy it. I definitely recommend it!

Karen M.
Surprising - Not what I expected

My husband ordered the eye massager for me, and I received it the other day and tried it out. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but this device was more than I initially thought it was. I will need to get the fit down a little better but I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and heat function of the unit. It's not a hard massage, which around the eyes is a good thing, but a gentle motion. I tried all the functions, with and without heat, and found it to be relaxing. I do a lot of computer work, quilting, embroidery, and reading, so at the end of the day, my eyes are strained and tired. I can see this massager will help alleviate this. I haven't yet hooked up my phone to the unit for music but the water sounds and birds are a nice addition for the 10 minutes that the unit runs for. Would definitely recommend this unit.

R.M. Harrington
A Totally Pleasant Surprise

Being that I have never considered an eye massager, I purchased this Acupoint comfier massager in the expectation of little value for the money. Still, when you suffer from headaches of any type, you're try almost any promise of relief. Well, although I had no headache during my first trial, this massager was a straight-up out-of-the-box surprise. The unit smoothed, relaxed, and comforted my evening. In fact, after my wife gave it a try, she more or less took it as her own, even wearing it to bed.Now be advised, you are cautioned not to go to sleep while using the unit. Therefore, I remained awake to make certain she removed the unit before falling to sleep.The next day, I had one of my headaches. I can't promise success during a major attack, but this massager actually cured my low level headache, and that was without me taking any medications. Thus, the unit proves a worthwhile value even if it turns out ineffective against one of my major cluster attacks or migraines.Pros.1) Adjustable elastic buckle fits even my large head2) Includes standard Micro USB cable for charging3) Provides air compression, vibration, hot compress, and smoothing music in different modes4) Simple single button control system5) Manual includes clear instruction and sufficient safety warnings (READ THEM BEFORE USE)6) More than sufficient runtime per charge7) A totally pleasant surpriseCons1) No automatic timer. 2) Unit will operate up to sixty minutes without pause. The COMFIER Eye Massager for Migraines comes as a pleasant surprise, works as stated within the range of my testing, and will become another part of my massage-based arsenal against my daily aches and pains. Be warned that it feels a bit awkward and heavy at the start. You'll get used to that very quickly. Even if you don't suffer from headaches of any kind, this is a great source of relaxation. I will have to purchase another just to keep one away from my wife. It functioned via a single button addressed by one long or one short tap. The long turned it on. The short moved through the modes.

Heather McPherson
Good with a little tweaking!

This device does exactly what it advertises, but similar to other reviewers I found the pressure on the bridge of my nose to be too strong (almost felt bruised the next day) and the pressure on the rest of the eye socket too weak. I guess this is because the device is made to fit as many people as possible? To counteract this, I have begun wearing a gel eye mask underneath the massager and I have found that helps alot to reduce the pressure on the bridge whilst adding a little more sensation in the other areas.The sounds effects are nice. I had to turn off the bluetooth as it wasn;t loud enough for me to hear my podcast. The heat is good though.I suffer from sinus headaches and I was very hopeful this would help alleviate those, but I haven't had one since receiving the device so I can't confirm, yet. Overall its a great idea, but I think there needs to be more adjustability with the placement of the pads so that it can be better tailored to individual shapes and sizes.

Kay. S
Easy to use eye massager

I’ve enjoyed this so far. It’s been easy to use. I did have to read the instructions to make sure I knew what I was doing because there’s only really one button. The settings are different as well for what they do so I would definitely recommend checking the instructions before getting lost. Other than that, the heat and movement is pretty nice, even for someone who suffers from migraines. The eye pads seem to be adjustable but I haven’t quite gotten it to sit perfectly on my eyes yet. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a small head or what. Solid product overall and I think it has everything you could want in an eye massager. It even has optional music.

Almost put me to sleep

This eye massager runs tight and I need to find the sweet spot as it can press hard on my nose bridge. The heat can be felt almost right away and the air compression is relatively subtle. There is vibration as well but am not sure if I enjoyed it. With the pre-installed music playing and perhaps due to exhaustion, I almost fell into sleep using this eye massager. This is the first one ever that I have tried so I have no point of comparison. But so far so good.