Sleep Position Trainer | Anti Snoring Solution Sleep Aid

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Sleep apnea and snoring are correctable, but often with large, cumbersome machines.

What Is The Best Anti Snoring Device

Sleep correctly and without loud and annoying sleep apnea machines with the Sleep Position Trainer. It’s a small anti-snoring device you place on your forehead each night to quietly correct your poor sleeping habits. It discreetly and silently tells you when you are sleeping in an incorrect position that makes you snore. No loud machines, just a quiet and comfortable night’s sleep for you and your partner.

How To Use Anti Snoring Nose Clip


Battery Powered: A tiny, replaceable lithium battery powers this device. Don’t worry about charging it each night, and each battery lasts for around 1 month!

No Noise: To correct your sleeping position, tiny and subtle vibrations alert you. Your partner won’t feel or hear a thing!

Easy Operation: This device is literally a one-button device. Turn on and off, that’s all you need to do each night.

Do Anti Snoring Mouthpieces Really Work


Sleep Better: Get back to having a sound night’s sleep, every night. You’ll wake up refreshed, sharper and in better health overall.

No Loud Machines: Unlike sleep apnea machines that can be loud, hard to clean and require a mask on your face the whole night, this device is small and stays on your forehead (or breastbone).

Comfortable: This anti-snoring device is comfortable to wear, unlike a sleep apnea mask. You’ll barely notice it on your forehead!

Do Anti Snoring Mouthpieces Work


  • 3 -Axis Accelerometers
  • Coin Vibration Motor
  • Battery Type: CR 2032 Lithium 3v
  • Battery Lifespan: ~1 Month
  • Materials: ABS
  • Operating Current: <60mA
Do Anti Snoring Nose Clips Work

How To Use:

  1. Turn machine on by pressing the button for 3 seconds until red light flashes.
  2. Remove the device and place on forehead (or breastbone area). Use tape to adhere.
  3. The machine will auto-start after 20 minutes of being activated.
  4. Device will vibrate only when you are in an incorrect sleep position.
  5. Battery replacement:
    Insert pick into opening on side of cover. Gently open back cover.
    Remove battery.
    Replace battery.
    Replace back cover securely.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rachelle Evans

Thanks so much for this product. After searching a little longer, this is exactly what I was looking for. It's a little uncomfortable at first but works like a charm and is adjustable!!


I have used it to correct snoring, but i have begun to use it throughout the day and during going to the gym so i can maximize oxygen intake. Very happy with the product.


Wife has problems breathing in her sleep. She sometimes would wake up gasping for air. It's so amazing how quickly this worked! Instantly worked that night when she slept! I could hear her breathing comfortably through the breathing channels in the front! No snoring! No gasping! No teeth grinding! She woke up the next morning and said she hadn't slept well like that in years!

William K

I stopped snoring the first time I used it. The device was uncomfortable for the first several nights, but became more bareable after about a week of using. My family members are quite happy with the result.Definitely worth a try for the price.


I ordered this device to address my mild sleep apnea. I have been wearing the device about a week now, and it takes some getting used to. I am sleeping fine. I can't tell it it is working as far as helping my sleep apnea. I guess I would need another sleep test.

Eugene Tan

I have been buying this brand for 2 years and will continue forever! It is easy and to fit. I now don’t go to sleep at night without it. My husband say I no longer snore.