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Shuffle - Auto Counting Skipping Rope

Shuffle - Auto Counting Skipping Rope

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Ready to literally jump into a fun, new workout and see real results?

How To Skip Jump Rope

The Auto Counting Skipping Rope from Shuffle will be the easy to use, yet fun addition to anyone’s regular workout and cardio routine. It’s like a smart technology skipping rope! This rope’s length is fully adjustable and it has soft foam grips at each handle for your comfort. The most exciting feature though is that it the rope automatically tracks the number of jumps each time, making it an effective record keeping and goal setting device. Jump into weight loss and cardio fun with this skipping rope from Shuffle.

How To Skip Rope


Digital Counter: The skipping rope keeps track of how many jumps you make. This allows you to concentrate on your form and track your numbers in each training session.

Adjustable Length: Adjust the length of the rope at each handle. Anyone can use this jump rope, not matter how tall or short they are!

Foam Grips: The grips you use to hold the skipping rope are made from high-density foam. This ensures comfort and no slipping, no matter how intense your workout gets!

Can I Skip Rope Everyday


Goal Setting: Set personal goals after each skipping rope session and track your progress via the accurate readings this fitness device provides.

Weight Loss + Fat Burning: Jump rope training is a simple and enjoyable exercise that has been proven to burn lots of body fat. Jump into weight loss!

Full Body Workout: Your arms, core and legs are all being used when in a skipping rope session. It’s an excellent full body workout!

How To Use Skipping Rope For Weight Loss


  • Handle Material: ABS
  • Handle Size: About 30 mm x 175 mm
  • Handle Attachment Material: Circuit Board, Button Battery And Steel Bearing.
  • Color: Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple And Green.
  • Rope Material: PVC Rope
  • Rope Size:
  • 6 mm x 3 m PVC Rope
  • 5 mm x 3 m Wire Rope
  • Rope Length: About 3m
  • Ball Diameter: 40 mm
  • Ball Material: EVA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Light weight, easy to use.

Trisha B

This is an excellent way to work out at home in a small apartment! Convenient and easy to use...also great to take with you on a trip as it is small and convenient and again, great for small spaces to get a cardio workout done!

Hailee Drury

I love it. I love that it counts for me makes setting goals easier. I also love that you can use it with out the rope. I have a low ceiling in my workout space and using a jump rope just doesn't work.


This jumping rope is very good, its’ weight is perfect, It can helps me to count right away, it’s very easy to set up, too.

Paula Hanson

I haven’t jump rope in such a long time, since I am stuck in the house the jump rope help me with my weight loss.

James Taylor Brown

I use this 4 times a week and it's worth it