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Shower Friendly Body Hair Trimmer | Rechargeable Groin Trimmer

Shower Friendly Body Hair Trimmer | Rechargeable Groin Trimmer

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Is manscaping a struggle? With the combined power of a ceramic cutter head and steel blade, you can have a smoother, safer shave.

Mens Grooming Kit

 The Shower Friendly Body Hair Trimmer is the best way to keep unsightly and unruly hair in check. The ceramic cutter head and steel blade will provide a close shave without snagging your skin, so you can manscape with confidence. You can use it on your whole body, from head to toes, and that includes your groin and armpits too.

Hair Trimmer For Men

With an LED light, you won’t struggle to find fine or thin hairs, even in the dimmest settings. Even better, this device is waterproof, so it’s easy to keep clean and can be used while you bathe. It also comes equipped with a 90-minute battery life and a USB Type-C charging cord. It’s the prefect gift for men because anyone and everyone will appreciate how easy and safe it is to groom their facial and pubic hair with this device.

How To Manscape


LED Light: This trimmer comes equipped with an attached LED light that will help you groom yourself even in poorly lit surroundings. The light will also make identifying and removing fine, thin, and light-colored hairs easier.

USB Type-C Charging Capability: With a USB type-C port, it’s simple to charge your device. The cord is more versatile and easier to plug in than a Micro-USB, and it is able to bring the trimmer to full power in just 90 minutes.

Ceramic Cutter Head and Steel Blade: Protect yourself from knicks and cuts with the combination of a ceramic cutter head and steel blade. Your skin will thank you and your shave will be as smooth as possible.

Powerful Rechargeable Battery: Your device will stay charged for longer with this high-capacity battery. Plus, lithium batteries are an eco-conscious way to power your electronics.


What Is Manscaping


Suitable For All of Your Parts: Shave your whole body, if you’d like. This trimmer is great for touching up your hairline or beard, but it’s also safe for your more delicate areas as well. Use it on your armpits, bikini line, stomach, chest, and everywhere else that hair grows.

Sharp, Yet Safe: With a cutter head made from high-quality ceramic and a blade of refined steel, you can be sure that trimmer will offer precise hair removal. It also won’t snag your skin and leave you with uncomfortable scratches or blemishes.

Can Be Used in the Bath: The waterproof design makes this device suitable for grooming anywhere. Plus, you can easily rinse off excess hair as you take a shower to keep your trimmer clean.

Trimmer For Balls


  • Voltage/Power: 3.7V / 5W
  • Battery Capacity: 600 mAh
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Usage Time: 90 minutes
  • Color Selection: Black
  • Weight/Size: 123g / 3.5*14.5cm
  • Accessories: Host, Limit Comb, USB Cable, Cleaning Brush, Oil Bottle, Base
Men's Grooming

Order the smoother solution for unsightly hair today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Drew Shoaff
Fantastic game-changing product!

5 stars! This is a really nicely made product. It’s safe, well designed and easy to use for a delicate job. Highlights:-The packaging is really nice. It’s not the sort of box you throw out, it’s the kind you carefully store your lovely tool in.-With a real sense of solidity and heft, this trimmer feels like a high quality product. The button is crisp and nice, the guard fits snugly, the rubberized coating is anti-slip.-Somebody really thought through the details here. You need a different angle to shave upside down in a complex area than you do to trim your beard. The trimmer has a shallower head angle than my old trimmer, which was prone to mutilating me. More on that in a moment.-Incorporating a LED light is a stroke of genius. Seriously. That alone would rate the 5 Star review. Using the guard, I was done in minutes with zero drama. Those blades are SHARP, there is no pulling at all. I personally wouldn’t use the thing without the guard. I rinsed it off, popped it on charge (done in 10 minutes), and when it was dry put it away in the lovely box. I think the combination of a good angle and the LED are the key here.Hot tip-a little shave balm or hair conditioner sets up a nice glide.Want a real game upgrade? Get one of these.

John Lifrieri
I didn't realize it could be that much better

For the last 4 years, I've been using an old trimmer that once was used for just my face and now graduated to my balls. I've thought for a while that this was just the best I could do in this department, even with the occasional pulling of hair or knicking of my skin. Well, I was wrong... I bought the shower friendly trimmer after a friend recommended it to me and am actually blown away by how well designed this trimmer is. Honestly feels like I was using primitive technology with my old one and was just teleported to modern times, pretty crazy. Oh and the light makes it even easier to see those hard-to-reach places and makes trimming my balls a breeze. Highly recco to anyone with hair down there.

Brandon Launerts
Ready to Rock Out!

This just came two hours ago and I IMMEDIATELY went to go mow the lawn. I've been using razors and regular hair clippers, and those were a big ouch. Not being able to get a close shave from the traditional tools was also a big reason in me wanting to try one of these clippers specifically designed for sensitive areas. The other brand was way too expensive, so when I came across this, i had to try it. A+, you get to have a clean, close, shave without nicking or cutting yourself, and the adjustable guard really helps when you want to put some design in your lawn. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Morris Basil
No more fuzz on my lollipop!

Manscaping made easy! This trimmer beats any other grooming device. Easy to use, safe and painless for my groin growth, no pulling the pubes and a smooth clean circumference. I’ll need to hide it from my wife or she’ll want to use it on her welcome mat.

Michael H.
Great for All-Terrain Landscaping

To start - I received the product quickly. The product packaging was sturdy and well designed with instructions to make it easy to setup and use. After a quick charge, it was ready for battle.The product itself is fairly lightweight and comfortably fit in my hand. The devices features a light which is super helpful as I'm very fair-skinned with light-colored hair. It can sometimes be difficult to see what has been cut and what has not during and the light is really helpful in finding anything missed.I initially used this on my face (with the guard) as my beard is pretty thick and rugged and I figured would be a good test for durability in terms of smoothness of cut the ability to "mow" without getting bogged down. Happy to say it was easy and smooth, no problems at all. I did not love the length of the shortest setting (too long) - but I recognize this isn't exactly meant for faces. A few days later, I tried it again without the guard and, again, found a quick and easy trim. I didn't cut myself or anything like that without the guard and obtained a trim that was maybe 2 days worth of growth for me.I love that I was able to use this in the shower - made it easy cleanup.I am happy with the overall durability of the product and feel like it will hold out for a while. I would recommend.

It's safe and no Knicks after first use.

Let me just start by saying I have read so many reviews and I have been very nervous to use a trimmer down under. Some reviews are horrifying. Nobody wants their sack to look like ground Hamburger, let alone go through the pain of accidently clipping the sack.I was still hesitant with this trimmer despite of all the great reviews, but after the first use, Imust say this thing is amazing. Also, if it really matters, this trimmer is decently priced, but that's not what sold me on this trimmer. It was the reviews and after using this trimmer I felt the need to let those out their that are on the fence or nervous know to give this a shot and you won't regret it.From one nervous sack trimmer to another. Your sack is in good hands with this trimmer!cThe light is an added bonus and this trimmer has a nice weight to it.