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Self Cleaning Portable Compressor Nebulizer | Auto Function Jet Stream

Self Cleaning Portable Compressor Nebulizer | Auto Function Jet Stream

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When asthma strikes, sufferers need relief fast. No matter where they might be!

What Is A Nebulizer

Get targeted relief from breathing or asthma troubles with the Self Cleaning Portable Compressor Nebulizer. It’s a pocket-sized device that allows people to get quick oxygen delivery, no matter where they are. It’s whisper quiet too, so you can use this compressor nebulizer discreetly. In less than 10 minutes, people will experience relief from breathing issues by using this device.

How To Use Nebulizer


Quiet Function: This Portable Compressor Nebulizer operates at less than 55db. That’s quieter than a whispered conversation!

Targeted Relief: The mouthpiece included with this device is aimed to deliver oxygen fast and in a targeted manner. Asthma sufferers will see fast relief from this specially designed mouthpiece.

Fast Atomization: Compared to other nebulizers, this compressor nebulizer has more power and a faster atomization rate. It takes about 10 minutes for a treatment only. The particles are around 0.5-10μm in size for quick absorption

How To Use A Nebulizer


Perfect For Everyone: This nebulizer is easy to use and suitable for all ages. Just press the on button for relief in minutes. It is perfect for use while out and about, providing efficient relief.

Great For Multiple Purposes: Athletes can experience quicker recovery with oxygen delivery from this nebulizer as well as people who suffer from snoring, pregnant women and headache sufferers.

Small And Portable: The operating device is pocket sized and the tube running to the mouthpiece can provide discreet relief, no matter where you are.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I use it for Albuterol and Budesonide , It is better than the other prescription nebulizer I had. It's my second one and it is a faster delivery and works well. I'm happy with it


Bought this when my last nebulizer died. I am very happy with this one! It is compact, lightweight, easy to set up and quiet. Very happy with this purchase!

John C Mendez

The item works perfectly, helping my mom's with her breathing. I would recommend this with the right meds from there doctor's!


Fantastic easy to use or even travel with. Works amazing. Easy to clean as well, packs up into a small tote size.

Michele Stahl

It was so much easier to obtain the nebulizer from Amazon than trying to find a pharmacy that carried one. This nebulizer is very easy to set up, use and clean.


Nice, sleek design. All parts included. Quite satisfied.