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Red Light Therapy Home Device | Infrared Pain Treatment For Full Body Recovery

Red Light Therapy Home Device | Infrared Pain Treatment For Full Body Recovery

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Have you tried pretty much everything available for full body recovery but appear to be making no progress with general pain? Light therapy may be your answer.

What Is Red Light Therapy

Get revolutionary infrared pain treatment and relief for your whole body with the Red Light Therapy Home Device. It has an adjustable stand and 2 levels for the treatment you need. Red light therapy penetrates and heals body tissue that helps to accelerate blood circulation, increases metabolism, relieves pain and increases muscle relaxation. This results in relaxing and restorative massaging effects. Red light therapy even helps with the recovery from illness. Get help with only a single session per day.

Does Red Light Therapy Work


Adjustable Stand: Adjust the Red Light Therapy device on it’s stand just like you would on any light stand. Great for when you want treatment and sitting down or need to multitask!

Powerful Light: The Red Light Therapy Device uses a powerful LED light to give a large area of therapy coverage. You won’t need to move or rotate under it’s restorative glow.

Adjustable Strength + Timer: Use the 660nm level for skin restoration and adjust up to 850nm for deeper tissue issues. The digital timer helps you keep track of your session.

What Does Red Light Therapy Do


Great For Skin Health: Red Light Therapy is proven to reduce wrinkles, scarring acne and a whole host of other skin problems. It also accelerates wound healing.

Safe To Use: The infrared treatment is FDA Approved and safe to use. Get treatment for your body without worrying about side effects.

Revolutionary Treatment From Home: This therapy device was something people could only use and experience in medical facilities and expensive spas. Now you can get it from home!

How To Use Red Light Therapy At Home

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does the therapy feel like?
A: You will feel mild warmth on your body and muscles to aid relaxation.

Q: How often should I use the device?
A: You may use it for 1-3 times per day, 20 minutes each time. Take a rest and drink water to relax before next use.

Q: Does it have both red and infrared lights?
A: No, only red lights.

Q: How far should I keep this from the part of my body I am trying to work on?
A: We recommend 3-6 inches of distance. 1-6 inches can be used for more problematic areas.

Q: Can it be use on the face?
A: Yes. It’s great for face therapy, but not for anti-aging.

Q: How long will it take to experience relief?
A: We recommend using it for 2-3 therapy sessions per day for the first month. Please be patient because it may take several weeks to experience optimal relief.

Q: Can I use this with pain medications?
A: Seek medical advice prior to using.

Q: Are there side effects?
A: No. You may experience skin irritation if you’re allergic to red lights

Q: Does this require safety glasses?
A: No, but please don't look at the lights directly.

Q: Can people with heart disease or heart pacemaker use the device?
A: No.

Q: What situations exist where I should not use the device?
A: When you suffer high fever, tumors, tuberculosis, heart disease or acute soft tissue injury.

Q: Can I use it while eating and drinking?
A: No.

Q: Can I use it before sleeping?
A: Yes.

Q: Can multiple people share the device?
A: Yes. Different people and your pets can use the device.

Q: What’s the wavelength of the lights?
A: The wavelength is 660nm on red.

Q: Can I put the device into water for washing?
A: No

Q: Can this be used with 240 volts?
A: Yes, 85-240v.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe


People with heart disease or have a pacemaker cannot use this light therapy device. Pregnant women, people with skin-ulcers and certain people with allergies should also avoid using this device.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michael Odell

As a chronic pain, vitamin D deficiency, house bound, depressed & very low activity this Red Light therapy is low cost and a must in my everyday routine.I had never heard about this therapy until my Pain Management clinic and Doctor recommended me to try it.It's now a permanent everyday tool added to my bag of pain resolves.

Bill Northrup

I have chronic back pain and decided to this try this light to see if it could help relieve some of my symptoms. I have only been using this week and am very impressed even though it looks like some lights are not lit, they can’t be seen with the human eye but they are there doing their job!! I am impressed with the results in only one week can’t wait for continued use!!!! If you have aches and pain or creaky bones this is the light for you!


Fantastic for skin health. I have sensitive skin and occasionally get a hormonal pimple or two. After using this light for 4 months my skin has pretty much remained flawless...I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skin health. Don't spend a fortune on an expensive at home red light therapy device. I also started using the light after my workouts and have noticed that I bouno back from my hard workouts more quickly and have more energy. Additionally, my waist and thigh measurements have gotten smaller since I began using the light after my workouts.Overall, you really can't go wrong with this light. It is high quality at an excellent price.

Sharon L Cline

I bought this product to try and relieve a pain I was having in my foot...I can’t say it helped the pain, but there was an unintended benefit- on the foot I was trying to get pain relief from, I also had some nail fungus that had been there for about a year...after using this product for two days, the toenail fungus was completely gone!

Christine Ferrero

Easy to install and price is fair. Glad I was able to find a way to utilize my new lamp.


I've has issues with thinning and falling hair since 2013. I've tried many many things. I started reading about red light therapy. I am delighted to say it is assisting very well with hair growth!