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Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer Inhaler Suitable For Kids And Adults

Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer Inhaler Suitable For Kids And Adults

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When breathing problems, like asthma occur, it’s important to get relief fast!

What Is A Nebulizer For
Get that fast relief, wherever you are, with the Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer and Inhaler. It’s suitable for kids and adults with masks for each face size included. A mouthpiece attachment is also available for direct asthma relief. Its cute and fun design is also great for kids. Simply remove the cover, insert your desired liquid and press the power button for targeted relief of asthma or other respiratory problems wherever you are.
What Is A Nebulizer


Handheld Device: This device is small and handheld. Children can easily hold the device while they use it for targeted breathing relief.

Lithium Battery: This inhaler is powered by an internal lithium battery, like a smartphone. Simply charge it via the included cable and plug.

Fun Design: Kids will love the colorful and cute design of the nebulizer. It will put their mind at ease while they get the breathing relief they need.

How To Use Nebulizer


Portable: Small and compact, this device is designed to be used wherever you are. Pack in luggage for trips, just in case breathing problems arise.

Breathe Better: Relief from breathing troubles and asthma is here with this device on stand by. This inhaler just might save a life!

Easy Cleaning: Sterilizing and cleaning this nebulizer couldn’t be easier. Remove parts easily to clean them and keep it sterile for next use.

How To Use A Nebulizer


  • Type: Inhaler
  • Cup Capacity: 5 mL
  • Size: 54.5 x 51.6 x 124.4 mm
  • Noise Level: ≤ 50 db. (A)
  • Nominal Freq.: 3.7 pm +/- 25%
  • Atomization Rate: ≥ 0.2 mL/min
  • Power: Lithium Battery
  • Operation Mode: Continuous
  • Weight: ~ 173.4 g
  • No Medicine Needed.
  • Powers Off Automatically
What Does A Nebulizer Do

How To Use:

  1. Remove Top Cover
  2. Inject Liquid Into Container
  3. Reassemble Container And Replace Cover
  4. Insert Mouthpiece Or Mask
  5. Press Power To Start Atomization
What Is Nebulizer

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer
  • 1 x Adult Sized Mask
  • 1 x Kids Sized Mask
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Manual (English)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sidney T

I am so glad that I purchased this! It has been amazing!! I purchased it for my 2 and 4 year olds, their regular nebulizer worked well but it scared my little one, I also didn’t like that it was loud, and attached to the wall.This portable nebulizer has been a god send! I’m able to give my 2 year old his treatments while he sleeps without him realizing. It’s so quiet and fast! It takes about 5 minutes for a treatment! We love it and will be purchasing another one soon!

Micheal Carlyle

This is both convenient and easy to use. The mist is very fine (which I love). No more missed treatments! But seriously, why didn't I get one of these sooner??

Ryan Brown

This model is definitely worth it. Its a decent price, easy to use and SUPER quiet! My old machine was like a chugging train! You barely even hear this one, which is great when you have sleeping kiddos nearby!


I purchased this nebulizer because my old one broke. This nebulizer definitely works it’s wonders! You can either put distilled water in or you can put medication for nebulizers in as well. A good solid eight hours or so Before you’ll need to change them again.

Andy C

This is so easy to use.It does take a little more medicine than my regular nebulizer but it's so worth it.

Sophia Saiz

I love the fact that I can put in my purse and I can use it anywhere because it's so quiet