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Pumice Stone - Exfoliation Tool for Callus and Corns

Pumice Stone - Exfoliation Tool for Callus and Corns

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Tired of callused feet tearing holes in your socks? Easily smooth and exfoliate your feet with this pumice stone. With just a few minutes a day, you can keep your feet free of calluses, corns, and painful cracks.

Pumice Stone For Warts

 The natural lava stone will leave your feet soft enough for a game of footsie. The multiple holes and curved design allow you to quickly smooth dry, rough skin. Also safe for knees and elbows, this pumice stone will leave your feet feeling truly clean.

Foot File Vs Pumice Stone


Say Goodbye to Stained Feet: Walking barefoot or even some shoes can stain the bottom of your feet. A quick hop in the shower won’t wash away the grime if it’s deep in cracks and calluses. But, this little pumice stone easily gets all the dirt out of those cracks and crevices.

Made with Lava Stone: Lava stone is a great exfoliator. The numerous holes let you smooth every part of your foot with ease.

Not Just For Feet: It’s not just our feet that get callused. Fingers, elbows, and knees also get rough and dry. This pumice stone can help you smooth those, too.

How Do You Use A Pumice Stone


Invigorates Tired Feet: Are you on your feet a lot? Then, this all-natural pumice stone is a relaxing way to end your day.

Boosts Circulation: As we age, the blood flow in our feet and legs decreases. Rubbing your feet with this pumice stone improves blood flow and rejuvenates your feet.

Palm-Sized Design: Just the right size, you can effortlessly hold this stone without hurting your hand. The raised silicone edge makes it easy to grip even when slippery with soap and water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Lorraine Melissa

Excellent product! I use this several times a week. It is a great size, and very easy to use. The rope is perfect for easily hanging on my shower caddy. The quality of this pumice stone is excellent. I think it is a great value for the money I spent.

forest fox

Great value and appear to be advertised 100% truthfully (how rare is that?). They're easy to hold and look attractive.


These really work and are great for self exfoliation of feet.Great value for the price. Real stones!IThey do the job.I liked them.

BriskyFeet Customer

I m a guy.. I have thick dry skin on my feet sometimes cracks. I “and don’t laugh” used to use one of my electric sanders to do the job. These have done a pretty nice job for me. I like the fit in my hands as I use it. It not awkward like some of the others I have tried.


These are great and im so glad i will no longer have to go to the salon to get soft feet.

Debbie H

I maybe one of the few ladies around that does not enjoy to get a pedicure but I benefit from them as I tend to have thickened areas on my heels that need a little more attention. This is the part of a pedicure I hate the most as I am very ticklish and while I know it needs to be filed I just do not like that part at all. I ordered these files to see if I could just do it myself as I felt that if I had control of the file it would not be as ticklish. I was totally right! Me being in control reduced that and I am able to maintain my heels at home. This comes in a set of three so you either have back up or a couple to share. They are constructed of heavy duty plastic that does no bend or break during normal use with intense pressure on the file. Each file is double sided. One side is much coarser and is the side you use first to trim down the thickened skin quickly and safely. The other side is a much finer texture that takes care of the over all smoothing process to leave you with ultra soft, smooth heels that look and feel healthier. What I do after use is simply rinse it off with a bit of soap and water to remove any remain debris allow it to dry and it is ready for the next use. The set is great and very handy and easy to use either in lieu of pedicures or to maintain smoothness in between professional pedicures.