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PROFit - Extra Thick Yoga Mat | Non-Slip Total Comfort

PROFit - Extra Thick Yoga Mat | Non-Slip Total Comfort

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Is your old workout mat hurting your workout and fitness routine more than helping it?

Then it’s time to get this Extra Thick Yoga Mat. It’s large, non-slip surface means it holds up during the most intense workouts by staying in place, and it softens the impact on your joints. With the free carry strap, it’s also easy to travel with! This yoga mat is ideal for many workouts including Barre, Pilates and HIIT sessions. And, when the workout is complete, cleaning the mat is a total breeze. Add this Extra Thick Yoga Mat to your workout kit today!

How To Clean Yoga Mat


Comfort Foam: The Yoga Mat is made with a high density 1/2" (13mm) thick NBR foam. This guarantees protection for sensitive joints like knees, so your workouts are always comfortable.

Versatile: Ideal for many workout purposes, such as Pilates, Barre and yoga. The extra-large 71" L x 24" W mat fits most rooms but allows for freedom of movement during your routine.

Water Resistant: NBR foam naturally repels moisture, so you don’t waste your time constantly cleaning the mat. Simply wipe with a wet cloth or sponge to clean, then allow to air dry before next use.

Non-Slip: This mat has a non-slip surface that also adheres to the floor. The ribbed design provides grip and stability for a safe practice, no matter how intense you get!

Carrying Strap: Included with the mat is a free and convenient mat sling for easy carrying. Workout with your mat anywhere you like!

Best Non Slip Yoga Mat


Easy On Joints: Your joints will not feel as sore from the low impact workout this mat provides. You’ll recover better as a result too.

Safer Workouts: The non-slip surface on this mat not only keeps the mat in place, even during the most intense workouts, but it also means you won’t slip on sweat spots either.

Multi-Purpose Mat: While the mat is perfect for yoga, it is also suited to any other workout including Barre, Pilates and HIIT. Use it for whatever you feel like doing!

Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga

How to Use:

  1. Between uses, wipe the mat down with a wet cloth or sponge, especially on high trafficked areas and spots where sweat landed.
  2. Allow to fully air dry between uses and before rolling up/storing.
  3. Do not put in washing machine or dryer.
How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Workout in comfort and in style. Add to cart now, your joints will thank you and your workout enhanced!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Long lasting and great back-saver for versatile use!

I used this yoga mat on almost a daily basis for 2 1/2 years before it became to worn to use. After about a year into use as my yoga mat, I had a failed back surgery that left me in a lot of chronic pain. At this point, it became my favored mat for a ton of different activities. I took it camping with me and used it under my sleeping bag. Due to my pain at this time, it basically made camping possible for me. I used it to sit on over the car seat during the drive to and from weekend trips. I took it outside with me to read and used it at night for stretching. After three years, I'm reordering again. Highly recommend this mat!

Great Mat

I bought this mat for my wife as she was starting to exercise at home. The problem was, we have wood floors that hurt her knees and arms during certain exercises. The mat has held up flawlessly and my wife loves it. Not that she takes it anywhere, but it also came with an elastic band that's used to keep the mat rolled and has a carrying handle. Makes the mat very easy to stow away and, if we ever need to, take it wherever we go. Would definitely buy this again if we every need another.

S. Strong
Very comfy mat

I got this mat because I’m doing Beachbody workouts in a room where the floor is just laminate over cement so I needed a lot of extra comfort when planking and doing burpees, etc. I’ve used it for 21 days and so far it’s holding up. I appreciate how thick it is and helps me stay comfortable on the bed floor during my workouts. It has a little damage in one spot where my dog tried to scratch it to lay down on it, and the rest of it has the typical wear that happen over time with being rolled and unrolled and used 30 mins every day. So far I’m happy with it.

Jerry Parker
Perfect thickness for a concrete surface

Love this mat. I never write reviews but this mat is worth it. I workout on a concrete floor with a very thin carpet on top so needed something THICK. This is perfect. I never have an issues feeling the floor and can do all the knee things I want (which was my biggest issue so far). At first I was worried it would rip but its held up for a month with not a single issue. Doesn't roll up super tight due to thickness but its great.

Great cushion for my old bones.

I’m in my late 60s & when I do floor exercises or yoga my hands & knees hurt so bad with a regular yoga mat (pictured in top). This 1” (gray) mat is wonderful allowing me to complete my routines without any pain.

This cushioned mat is great for my arthritic knees and hips

This is the best exercise mat I’ve ever used. With my aging body, the cushioning makes floor exercises possible. It’s soft but supportive. Some reviewers complained about a chemical smell, but was gone within a few days. It’s well made: I’ve been using the mat for nearly a year and it looks like new.