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Pregnancy Pelvic Support Belt | Maternity Hip Pain Relief

Pregnancy Pelvic Support Belt | Maternity Hip Pain Relief

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Everyone knows how much of a toll pregnancy takes on the human body. The hips, pelvis and back are particularly painful areas for moms.

How To Wear Maternity Belt

Get pain relief instantly during pregnancy and your postpartum phase with the Pregnancy Pelvic Support Belt. The belt wraps around your lower abdomen area and provides excellent support to the muscles, tissues and joints in that area that are put under so much stress and discomfort from carrying your child. Think of it as a reliable scaffold! It’s made from comfortable and breathable materials and uses Velcro fasteners. So not only can it be worn all day, but also it won’t be visible through clothing or poke into your skin!

How Tight Should A Maternity Belt Be


Three Tension Band: The belt is constructed with a three-layered tension band for durability and the ultimate support. Other belts use only a single band that loses tension after only a few uses. This belt is superior!

Anti-Slip: Silicone strips embedded throughout the belt ensure it grips around the area of your body, and won’t slip from movement. The silicone won’t irritate your skin either.

Strong Velcro Fasteners: No hook or metal catches used on this belt, just strong and comfortable Velcro that attaches easily and doesn’t poke or pinch your skin.

How To Make A Maternity Belt


Pain Relief: The support belt is designed to hold in your muscles, joints and tissue for pain relief. No more pills or natural remedies that don’t work.

Support: The support you get from this belt has a slimming effect of the body and the support it creates means that pain is prevented in the long term.

Odorless Materials: The support belt was made with materials with all day comfort and wear in mind. Perspiration and body odor won’t transfer to it at all!

What Is A Maternity Support Belt Used For


  • Material: Neoprene, SBR Material And Velcro
  • Size: 100cm (M, Suitable For Hips 32-42inch) or 120cm (L, Suitable For Hips 42-52inch)
  • Weight: 0.098kg
When To Wear Post Maternity Belt

How To Use:

  1. Wrap belt around your back to start.
  2. Wrap around front and lap over the back section.
  3. Fasten one side at front.
  4. Fasten other side at front so belt sits snugly, but not tightly/uncomfortably.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

If you are wondering if this really works for pelvic pain, I can say it is a miracle. I now can do physical work again after not being able to do almost nothing for the better part of 10 years.


This is the support belt I love! The others I was told to buy by my Dr. were so bulky and uncomfortable and hot in summer. This is perfect and unnoticeable under clothes. I walk better with less pain.


First day I'm using it, and it seems to decrease my pain and discomfort.


Seems to help so far. Can't beat the price.


This really helped my hip pain would recommend this for anyone with hip pain.

Royce T

This has helped support my hips and minimized my usual discomfort.