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Posture Cane

Posture Cane

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Posture Cane allows you to walk more upright, changing your line of sight so you look forward instead of down. You’ll be more perfectly balanced, safe, secure, and more comfortable when you walk. Posture Cane's secret is in the revolutionary handle that takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist, giving your body a lift and placing you in a natural upright position.
Upright Walking Cane
New Posture Walking Cane
  • Helps you effectively get up and out of seats
  • The revolutionary handle makes you walk upstanding and change your line of sight so you look forward then down
  • Supports the quality of your body to significantly improve your posture, help you move simpler, and feel less pain
  • Revolutionary handle eases the pressure off your shoulder and wrist
  • Stand-up stability tip with 360° footing
  • 12 different height changes to customize the fit
  • Lightweight and sturdy, making it simple to carry with you
Upright Walking Cane
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  • Made of high-quality Aluminium Construction
  • Hold more than 300lbs
  • Progressive ergonomic grasp handle
  • Durable 360 self-standing security tip

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marilyn Lawlor
Posture Cane

Was very easy to use and helped me with movement and standing up.

Deon K.
Great cane

I love this cane, as I am walking more upright and not stooped over! My back doesn't complain anymore.
I have arthritis in my hands, and the handle let's me choose my hand position, so I don't get cramped fingers, or a sore wrist.

Valerie Gates
Posture Perfect?

I haven't used the cane a lot but think it will be more serviceable in time.
Think it is helpful with balance too,which seems to be a troublesome problem as one sges.