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Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Car Recharger

Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Car Recharger

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If you’re having trouble breathing, you don’t need a heavy oxygen tank to carry around. This small, lightweight tank is easy to transport. It comes with an included car charger so you can recharge on the go.

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The concentrator pulls in air, purifies it, and delivers clean, powerful oxygen straight into your lungs. So, you can breathe easier and go about your daily activities with ease. Plus, it has low noise output, so it won’t disturb your sleep or disrupt your routine.

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Rechargeable In Car: If you’re away from home, you can easily recharge your oxygen concentrator in your car. 

Low Noise: At less than 50 decibels, the quiet hum of this concentrator won’t disturb or distract you, so you can sleep peacefully and carry on conversations.

30% Pure Oxygen: The concentrator takes the air in the room and concentrates it into 30% oxygen (+/- 2%).

Stable Oxygen Flow: Our reliable concentrator gives out a steady flow of oxygen so your oxygen blood levels stay stable.

Healthylivin Oxygen Concentrator


Lightweight & Portable: Weighing in at just under 2 kg, this small oxygen tank is made for travel. 

Advanced Filtering: The catalyst function eliminates airborne pathogens and allergens while the concentrator removes nitrogen from the air.

No Oxygen Tank Needed: With a concentrator, you don’t need to order oxygen tanks ever again.

Simple Operation: With just two buttons, this concentrator is easy for anyone to operate.

Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator


  • Power: Average Below 32W
  • Oxygen Purity: 30%
  • Noise: Below 45db
  • Pressure: 3.5psi
  • Operation Currency: <2A
  • Outlet Air Flux: 3L/min
  • Item Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 300mm
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What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 X Main Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1 X Car Charger
  • 1 X Extender Tube
  • 1 X Carry Bag
  • 1 X Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 1 X Lithium Battery Charger
  • 1 X Power Adapter
  • 1 X User Manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jan Little
Oxygen Concentrator

So far very happy with the relief it gives.

Penelope McKelvie
Portable oxygen concentrator

This has been very helpful for my friend with severe chronic obstructive lung disease and heart failure. He uses it in the car and on short shopping trips.

Demetrios Holunga

It is good, just wish it would last longer then 45 minutes

Grace E

The reason for the three stars....I’ve only had it for a short time. It’s much smaller than expected but does move a good amount of air to be that small. This is probably best for a very small bedroom.


Excellent Product


It's very quiet at nite. Has helped with allergies & asthma issues, which is why I bought it. Used in bedroom for now (large room with hallway).