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Pills Reminder Dispenser

Pills Reminder Dispenser

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Never forget your medication with the Daily Pill. This square pill organizer helps you take the right medication at the right time.

Smart Medication Tracking

The perfect accessory for those that have an excellent but short memory - this handy Pills Reminder Dispenser will alarm you whenever it's time to take your medications. Portable and great for travel fits in bag, briefcase, and purse.

The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers


  • Four large pockets for tablets 
  • Two ways to set alarms - Intelligent MEMO button for setting up 4 independent alarms
  • Portable and great for travel fits in bag, briefcase, and purse
  • The different sounds of each of the four alarms make it easy to dispense medication from the appropriate compartments 12/24 hour clock format.
  • Track medication plans in daily life
  • The "snooze" feature reminds you of an alarm.
  • An airtight seal and securely locks so pills will not spill out
The 5 Best Medication Reminders


  1. To set the alarm, press the TIME button and the digits on the screen will blink.
  2. Press HOUR to set up the hour.
  3. Press MINUTE to set up the minutes.
  4. Press ON/OFF to confirm.
  5. Press ON/OFF to choose the format from 12-24 hours.
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Never forget your medication again by adding the Pills Reminder Dispenser to your cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Katie C.
Works well

I've recently been put on a regimen of vitamins and supplements and for the life of me can't remember to take them. The little pill keeper I had was for a week but I kept forgetting to take them. This has a really easy to use alarm that I can set (I have an alarm on my phone too but this one is a nice backup).

L. Fetterer
Good to remind children to take their medicine

Simple to use and helps remind my daughter to take pills

Alarm settings; loud alarm = A+

This is well worth the money! The alarm is LOUD = impossible to ignore & keeps going off until you stop it.

Lee Sanders
Nice loud alarm

I often forget my medication. Then take it late. I just get busy and distracted. I choose to use this as 2x a day for 3 days. The alarm is loud.. I can hear it all though the house. It was easy to setup( following the directions). Since I have been using this I am no longer missing taking my meds. I really like this product.

Amanda B.
Great for Parkinson’s medication reminders.

This is great for my father, who can’t keep up with mobile phone reminders. This reminds him when to take his Parkinson’s medication. It is loud enough to hear from the other room and has a fun tune.

Jack O.
Really helps mom be a little more independent.

Once you figure out how to set it, this has turned out to be a great purchase. My mom takes many medications and has been in hospital more than once on taking them at wrong times or not at all. We only use 3 of the possible 4 alarms.