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Pet-Friendly LLLT Cold Laser Medical Therapy Device | Veterinary Pain Relief Wound Healing Machine

Pet-Friendly LLLT Cold Laser Medical Therapy Device | Veterinary Pain Relief Wound Healing Machine

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As your pet gets older, it’s important to make sure that their body and health remains in good condition. Some pets may develop problems associated with aging such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, and other issues. When this happens, it’s best to get the proper medical advice from your pet’s doctor or veterinary.

Does Lllt Really Work

This Pet-Friendly LLLT Cold Laser Medical Therapy Device provides safe, at-home therapeutic relief for your pet if they are dealing with muscle pains or injuries. Using light photons, the LLLT treatment works to stimulate your pet’s cells and allow them to produce more enzymes that affect cell proliferation and/or cell division. This helps to speed of the natural healing of your pet’s wounds and injuries. This pet-friendly medical therapy device is a great tool to reduce inflammation and encourages cell reproduction in your pet, while offering fast pain relief for a variety of injuries.

What Is Lllt Therapy


Red Light Therapy: Red light therapy can penetrate deeply into your pet’s body to help diminish pain and stimulate healing. Works to increase the healing speed of wounds or injuries your pet may have suffered.

LLLT Treatment: LLLT generates light of a single wavelength that emits no heat, sound, or vibration. This light works to penetrate your pet’s skin and stimulate ir body’s natural healing processes. Helps activate deep tissue repair, diminish inflammation, accelerate the activity of lymphocytes and the secretion of analgesic substances, etc.

Pet-Friendly: This medical therapy device is designed with your pet in mind. It is a perfect veterinary device for practices or home-use.

Safe And Non-Invasive: Using modern infrared light treatment, this device delivers non-thermal photons of light to the pet’s body to help heal injured cells, improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, and alleviates pain. It is a non-invasive treatment with low risk of cross infection.

What Is Lllt

Benefits of the Pet-Friendly LLLT Cold Laser Medical Therapy Device:

Stimulate Cells: Low level laser therapy, also called cold laser or soft laser therapy, is based on the process of light absorption into the cells. This stimulates protein synthesis, improves metabolism, and produces more lipoprotein lipase in your pet’s body.

Improve Blood Circulation: The lipase will decompose the fat garbage in your pet’s blood, helping the red blood cell to carry more oxygen and purify the blood, so that the blood fat and total cholesterol is reduced and the insulin secretion back to normal level.

Accelerate Tissue Repair: The device helps diminish inflammation as well as increases your pet's healing speed by accelerating tissue repair in your pet's body. Stimulating the cells to increase the production of certain enzymes that increases the healing speed of wound.

Pain Relief: Provides relief for acute chronic otitis, gingivitis, arthritis, degenerative joint diseases, hip dysplasia, and more. Using light photons to irradiate an area of injury to diminish pain and stimulate healing.

Does Lllt Work
How Does Lllt Work


  • Material: ABS
  • Wavelength: 808nm 650nm
  • Treatment: 10-30 minutes a day
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Power Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Power Voltage: DC5V
How Lllt Works
How Long Does Lllt Take To Work

Provide safe, at-home therapeutic relief for your pet's muscle pains or injuries! Add to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Judith Hulse
Laser light helps

Skin on back of hand better a bit than the othet

Albert Guerrero
Good stuff

I’m sure if my pets could they would share their happiness, my friends and family all are glad of this lazer. Money well spent.