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Oxygen Wizard™ Professional Home Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Wizard™ Professional Home Oxygen Concentrator

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When you can’t breathe comfortably, it feels like you’re in need of some magic to get you through.  Then a wizard came along…

How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work

The Oxygen Wizard Professional Home Oxygen Concentrator is almost like a magical device for those of us who suffer from reoccurring breathing problems. With multiple built-in filters, a smart touch screen, O2 atomization technology and other professional styled features, up to two people can comfortably absorb purified oxygen together for a long period. Oh, and it’s whisper quiet!

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator
As mentioned, these machines were once only available to medical professionals and facilities but now you can have your own professional-grade oxygen concentrator at home, and at an affordable cost. It’s easy to operate with a display that clearly shows the time remaining, power flow and oxygen concentration. The voice function makes it further easy to operate.
How To Use Oxygen Concentrator


Large Touch Screen: O2 concentration levels, flow measurement and time used are all clearly on display on the large display on the top of the machine. The numbers are prominently shown.

Atomization Function: Use this machine either with a nozzle or a personal mask. The Micron atomization function provides a stable mist for consistent oxygen delivery.

Whisper Quiet: Comfortably relax and unwind while receiving oxygen. This device operates at such a low sound level that you can even sleep undisturbed during operation.
What Is The Cheapest Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Convenience: Get peace of mind that when you need concentrated and purified oxygen, you have a device at your service. No more expensive doctor’s room visits.
Improve Breathing & Sleep: Get purified and concentrated oxygen delivered directly to your airways and lungs to quickly and efficiently improve breathing. With better quality air delivered while you sleep, you’ll not only sleep better (and longer) but also experience loads of other health benefits.
Remote Control: On top of the voice technology giving you reminders of times and levels and a smart touch screen, the included remote allows you to control the machine from across the room or while laying in bed.
How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason H
Good Stuff

Lightweight and extremely easy to use. Works like magic for reals. lol

Eva S
Helps My Sister With COPD

I got this for my sister, who suffers with COPD. She uses inhaler, but she always wants and needs a little extra. She often huffs and puffs after coming up her stairs, when walking up hill, etc. A little while after I bought it to her, she called me and was really happy. So, this looks like it is doing exactly what I wanted it for. Happy camper here!

Alyssa Carrione
Small but POTENT

Its fairly small but has high concentration. Very potent! Love it. With Covid not slowing down anytime soon this is perfect to add with my masks and sanitizers.

Douglas R

Wow, I've tried many different concentrators cause my daughter has some breathing problems so we need clean air and things like this to help her be more comfortable and safer, and I've got to say this actually is the best so far out of all of them. Daughter is happily playing around the house with no issues. Worth the money.

A gift for my old father

Purchased it for my old father... he loves it and said it was useful. Recommended!

H. Haring
It's portable and works great

I have two similar machines, this one is portable, can work on both 110v or 220v; I take it while traveling or driving, it really works...