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Orthopedic Waist Pain Relief | Decompression Lumbar Back Belt

Orthopedic Waist Pain Relief | Decompression Lumbar Back Belt

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Is ongoing back pain stealing the joy of your favorite activities? Do you find yourself doing less and less because of your lower back pain?

Relief For Back Pain

Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life. When it comes, the pain can be debilitating. Our backs control movement for almost every part of our body. So unless you are going to confine yourself to bed, or load up on medications, you have to grin and bear it. Until now. Our Decompression Lumbar Back Brace is the answer to your crippling back pain. You can wear the supportive brace while you go about your daily activities. The lumbar support you receive will remove the pressure from your spine and relieve the pain.

How To Relief Back Pain


Firm Support: Each brace comes with insert-able steel spine supports for maximum restriction of spine movement. For more movement, pull out the plates and the double belt closure provides more moderate stabilizing support. The 8 support straps weave around your waist and lumbar for additional lower back pain relief.

Premium Breathable Fabric: This medical-grade lumbar belt is constructed with lightweight and breathable mesh fabric This ensures the support stays in proper body position and wicks away moisture from perspiration as you go through your day.

Easy To Wear And Remove: 3 magic tape straps effectively raise abdominal pressure. 2 soft alloys on the corset side strengthen support without limiting movement. The ergo dynamic design wraps around your body with easily-adjustable straps and heavy-duty Velcro.

Best Pain Relief For Back Pain


Aids In Healing Injuries And Surgeries: This Decompression Lumbar Back Belt is perfect to immobilize movement to the lumbar spine to allow soft tissue injuries to heal. This belt is also suitable to wear during the rehabilitation stage of post-surgery back procedures. Because of the removable plates, this belt is also a great tool to prevent sports-related injuries or over-strain at work.

Encourages Good Posture And Improves Balance: Back pain decreases when posture and balance improve. Activities like heavy lifting, yard work, and sports can be performed without back strain since the lumbar muscles are immobilized, forcing core abdominal muscles to absorb the strain, as they are designed to do. The back belt prevents the lumbar muscles and components from overexertion and strain.

Provides Relief: The extra bracing and overall lumbar and waist support reduce the burden on the lower back. This can provide pain relief from strains, herniated discs, arthritis, scoliosis, and sciatica. Relief from lower back pain means you can return to the activities you once left behind.

Back Pain Relief Products


  • Small: 26.5”-31” or 68-78.5cm
  • Medium: 31”-35.5” or 78.5-90cm
  • Large: 35.5”-40” or 90-101.5cm
  • XLarge: 40”-44.5” or 101.5-113cm
  • XXLarge: 44.5”-50” or 113-127cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Linda Miller
Relief From Chronic Condition

I have Spondylolisthesis. It’s severe enough that I get regular cortisone injections. This is hands down the best I’ve had for my particular condition. I’d almost given up on finding one that worked properly for me. On a day I’m uncomfortable or in pain, I slap this bad boy on, and instant relief.

Norman Davies
Fantastic & Comfortable

OMG!!! I just received this brace this morning. Normally I procrastinate on reviews BUT I have to tell anyone with lower back pain that this item is fantastic!! I just had Lumbar Spine Surgery where my spine was completely rebuilt. All my Lumbar Discs were in BAD condition. My Surgeon took 7 hrs in Surgery, he did not want to put titanium rods so he used titanium spacers & a whole lot of repair on “each” Vertebrae (1.5 hrs on each). I had a brace I bought 2 yrs ago & 1 given after surgery in Hospital. Both were very uncomfortable!! This one? Holy Cow, talk about a difference not only in comfort but stability. I highly recommend!!!!!

Thomas H. Epting
This is the best lumber belt I have tried. Very supportive

Very good support for my injured Lumber Spine. I have tried many different belts and this one is the best.

Debbie Alchamaa
Scoliosis schmoliosis this helps!

I’m not the hunchback of Norte Dame, but My back is a mess and getting worse with age. I’ve only used a post surgical brace after 2 lower back surgeries. It doesn’t resolve pain issues but it helps me stand straight, and more aware of my movements. I should have ordered the small size, I can’t tighten it as much as I would like on some days. But I’d probably strangulate my gut. Overall as a newbie to OTC back braces, I am very satisfied. I do live in the tropics and it is impossible to find anything that is completely sweat free.

Christine Traxler
Excellent support belt for the money

I had 3 lower back fractures and bought this support belt for support. I also purchased a support brace from a local medical supply store through a prescription written by my dr which was billed to my insurance company. The second item was hundreds of dollars more then the support belt. I must admit I rarely used the expensive brace & loved the support & comfort of the belt. This is a well made product for the money. I highly recommend this item!

Colin Moore
The amazing fit vertically.

I tried multiple different lumbar support belts and this is by far the best I had. Love the fact that it is a lot wider than most and provides the stability that I'm looking for. I do a lot of travelling overseas, and this is definitely going to help me, especially when I go to Africa and am in a safari vehicle for four hours over rough terrain.