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Are you sick and tired of not being able to sleep when you know you really need to?

Get a good night's sleep with these Nod Off Melatonin Sleep Patches. Each box of 28 patches are 100% drug free and only contain natural ingredients and melatonin. Simply apply one patch to a foot or hand before you turn in for the night and you’ll not only fall asleep quicker but stay asleep throughout the night. Take some patches with you on long trips to ensure you don’t experience jet lag. And remember that only one patch is needed per sleep! You’ll love waking up refreshed each morning.


100% Drug-Free: No nasty or addictive drugs or chemicals are used to make these Melatonin Sleep Patches. Just all-natural products that work each night so you can wake up fresh!

One Patch, All Night: A box of Nod Off Melatonin Sleep Patches contains 28 patches. That’s one month’s supply, as you only need one patch applied per night.

Tear-Off Strips: The Melatonin Sleep Patches come in tear-off, individual perforated strips. Take some with you while you travel to combat jet lag and maintain a good sleeping routine even when you are away from home.

Better Sleep Better Relationship


Sleep Better: The importance of a good night's sleep cannot be overstated. Medical experts have proven that it is the key to good health, and now you can ensure you get yours with these Melatonin Sleep Patches.

Prevent Jet Lag: There’s nothing worse than experiencing jet lag after arriving at a destination. Ensure you get the most out of your trip each day with these patches during your rest periods.

No Pills Or Medication: Unlike other sleep medications, these Melatonin Sleep Patches are a natural product that are easily applied directly on the body before rest. No pills ever!

Patch Aid Sleep Aid Topical Patch

How To Use:

  1. Simply open the product, tear off one patch strip and open from the back of the patch.
  2. Apply the sleep patch onto your feet or hands to enjoy a great night’s sleep!

Need a good night's sleep without nasty pills? Add the Nod Off Melatonin Sleep Patch to cart now!

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