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Muscle Recovery Massage Gun

Muscle Recovery Massage Gun

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Sore, aching muscles holding you back, keeping you from reaching your fitness goals? Speed up your recovery and find relief with this professional-grade Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun.

Muscle recovery guns are a staple for any fitness buff. Using percussion motion, the Professional Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun works out the knots and tension in your muscles to speed up your recovery and provide lasting relief from muscle strain. The high-torque motor runs at high speed and gives you 45 pounds of force directly to the affected muscle group. Comes with a variety of massage heads to give you the best results, no matter which muscle group you’re targeting. Take it with you wherever you go! It’s completely portable and because the motor is brushless, it’s whisper quiet, coming in at less than 45 decibels. Enjoy targeted relief at the gym, travelling, at the office or at home with the Professional Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun.

How To Use Massage Gun


High-Torque Brushless Motor: With the Professional Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun, you get powerful performance with quiet operation. It runs at 3500 RPM, 14mm amplitude, and still stays under 45 decibels.

45 lb of Force: Even though this massage gun is portable, it still provides the force you need to relieve your tight muscles. Snap on the massage head you want and enjoy 45 pounds of force directly where you need it.

6 Massage Heads: Whether you want deep-tissue relief, need to work out a sensitive or bony area, or want a full-body experience, there’s a massage head for you. They snap on easily and allow you to customize your massage experience.

Best Massage Gun


Customizable Experience: Thanks to the variety of settings and massage head attachments, you can have the exact massage you need. While other massage guns force you to massage all areas of your body in the same way, the Professional Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun gives you tons of options based on your needs and personal comfort.

Portable: No longer do you have to put your fitness regimen on hold when you’re traveling or separate your recovery from your workout. The Professional Muscle Massage and Recovery Gun is completely portable. Take it with you to the gym for a quick cool-down or to the office for mid-day relief.

Powerful Operation: Not all muscle groups are the same. Depending on your workout, you’ll want different levels of relief. It doesn’t matter where you use your muscle recovery gun, you can get strong force (up to 45 pounds) thanks to the high-torque brushless motor.

Best Massage Gun 2021


  • Noise: <45dB
  • Timer: 10 Mins Stop
  • Force: 45 lb Force
  • Power: 3500 RPM
  • Amplitude: 14MM
Percussive Massage Gun

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Massage Gun
  • 6 x Massage Heads
  • 1 x Power Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Gift Handle Bag
Gun Massage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Susanne M. Millar
Best self care product on planet earth

We LOVE this machine. It is so easy to use and feels so amazing on tired muscles. And, if you are using the gun on someone else, you don't get tired massaging them because the gun does all the work for you. We have soothed so many tense or achy muscles and in 10 mins you feel so much better!Really light weight and easy to hold. Fantastic.

Robert J Ford
Excellent for sore muscles and.. other things

Perfect for working out kinks from sitting at a desk all day and easing muscle pain after workouts. Can't believe this wasnt mentioned in other reviews I saw but very useful for other, purposes. Nice little multi use relaxation tool.

Griffin .O
Great Massage Gun

Not that strong at the lowest settings, and that is what I was looking for in a massage gun. It does help to relax tight muscles. Lightweight, and battery life is good.

Sara Hockenberry
Oh so good

I went from not been able to stand straight for five minutes to been able to go for short walks . My sleep as improved? And I am waking up with less pain an stiffness

Stephen Richards
Ahmazing!!! If you think you don’t need one, you’re wrong.

So, the case and all the attachments are a very nice touch. Charging is super easy. Using it is Great! You know when you go get a massage and they touch parts of your body that are sore but you didn’t know were sore? Well this does the same thing. You can literally see and feel it working. Great product!!

Jay S.
Great massage gun; easy to use; comfortable to handle

 I am used to having massage using similar massage guns before, this massage gun is very effective, easy to use and has variable heads that can effectively target different locations on one's body. The massage gun has a very nice case that keeps all the different heads well organised. I use it to release neck and shoulder tension. It also helps increase range of motion when muscles are locked. Great to have if you suffer from chronic stiffness, back and other aches. Also great to have if you are an athlete or work in a profession that stresses your muscles and back.I love the fact that it shuts off after 10 minutes of use as it prevents overuse which could result in adverse reaction rather than the intended purpose. The massager comes in a very practice and beautiful case that keeps all of the different tips organised and makes it easy to carry around and transport. The fact that it is rechargeable makes it practice for using in the field or gym (for example at soccer matches or other sports); it also makes it environment friendly. The handle is very comfortable to hold and does not transfer the vibration to your hand like some other similar tools. I highly recommend this massage gun.