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MightX - 6 Pack Abs Stimulator | EMS Muscle Trainer

MightX - 6 Pack Abs Stimulator | EMS Muscle Trainer

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Are you looking for the perfect set of abs, but not the pain and strain involved?

Let’s face it. Gyms are nasty, expensive and a waste of time for many folks who are just too busy with their lives. But, if getting a great 6 Pack has been on your bucket list, then the 6 Pack Abs Stimulator is the perfect solution for you. Simply attach this EMS muscle trainer to your stomach, select the desired mode, and let it do the work for you! It stimulates and puts to work your abdominal muscles, while you go about the rest of your day. Your body will be getting all of the work, with none of the effort on your behalf!

Abs Stimulator


6 Modes, 19 Levels: The 6 Pack Abs Stimulator has 6 styles of EMS massage to choose from with 19 different intensity levels. You choose they style and how hard you want the device to work for you on the day!

USB Charged: In between uses, simply charge the 6 Pack Abs Stimulator via the included USB Charging cord. No cords are needed while you get your ab workout!

EMS Technology: Modes 1-2 are focused on moving the muscles intensively for fat reduction. Modes 3-4 involve a strong elastic exercise to promote muscle growth. Mode 5-6 is a multi-band mode designed to sculpt the muscles.

6 Packs
Six Packs


Weight Loss: With more sculpted abs, you’ll notice great weight loss. You’ll move and feel better in no time! Plus, you’ll fit into your clothes much better.

Muscle Gain: A 6 Pack set of abs indicates great core strength. Not only will you be healthier by using the 6 Pack Abs Stimulator, but the muscle gain in this area has significant health benefits today and for years to come.

Save Time and Money: Get sculpted abs without expensive gym memberships, dieting pills and losing time out of your day. This 6 Pack Abs Stimulator goes to work while you continue on with your day!

Look Great: When summer rolls around, you’ll be the envy of everyone. You’ll look great in clothes and in your swimwear too!

Mens Six Pack

How to Use:

  1. Remove the protective film that covers the gel pads.
  2. Attach the controller device to the center of the pad.
  3. Place the pad on stomach area, just covering the navel.
  4. Press the “+” button to start the device.
  5. Press the “M” button to switch between desired modes.
  6. Press the “-“ button to stop the device.
  7. Place protective film back onto pads between uses.
Ems Muscle Toner

Get the washboard abs you deserve with the 6 Pack Abs Stimulator. All the muscle, none of the work! Add to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul R. Jr.
Actual review... And this actually is decent.

It is basically as advertized. Comes in a small box with a few electric gel pads, and charges by usb. (3 pronged charger included, but not the plug... it needs a standard 1 amp usb cell phone charger plug) The "electric" part is small, about the size of a watch head, but it works well. There is a thin nylon pad connecting it to the electroids.Note the pads are a touch sticky, so you will want to keep these in a gallon ziplock bag when not in use. You will also want extra pads. The settings have 6 "modes" from slow to fast, and 6 intensity settings. I couldn't go past intensity 4 myself.There are also 3 units as shown, 2 for arms or legs, and one for the belly.Finnaly, the unit does not have a timer. Run it until you are tired, or set one on your phone.Overall, I'm happy with the purchase.

Emily C
Easy to use

You can wear this when doing regular chores and you see the results quickly. It does great toning. If you’re trying to lose weight, I wouldn’t recommend. It’s crazy how you can see you body twitching. I typically put it to a setting of 4-5 and just have to lay there because it works so well.

Sonia Mauch
It works!

It worked well on my upper shoulder area, shoulder blades, it helped relieve aches, stiffness on my upper back, shoulders. I used it on my abs, so far I like how it feels on my stomach, side love handles, Yeah I like it. If I had to say anything bad, I look like it to be slight bigger.

Savannah Kimberling
Good- makes me laugh cause it tickles a bit!

Works good- helps with bloating in between gym days. Tickles at first but you get used to it.

Jeremy T
fast delivery and good price

I have another belt very similar to this one and I use them both at the same time. Love them both.