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Manscape Balls & Pubic Hair Trimmer | Men's Private Grooming Kit

Manscape Balls & Pubic Hair Trimmer | Men's Private Grooming Kit

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A clean and well-maintained appearance doesn’t begin or end with just your hair and face!

Get your whole body looking sleek and well kept with this Balls & Pubic Hair Trimmer. It’s the ultimate tool a man can have to keep his groin area looking fresh and clean. You’ll feel and look better, and she’ll love it too! This trimmer is perfect for any part of the body that needs some hair removal. Use it on your underarms, chest and back! Plus, with the USB Charging feature and over 90 minutes of battery life, you can keep up your grooming routine even when you’re away from home.

How To Manscape


IPx7 Waterproof: Take this trimmer with you in the shower for the ultimate grooming experience. It makes the clean up so much easier and convenient for guys. This trimmer does its finest work in the shower!

Low Noise: Get rid of your body hair in silence. This trimmer has accurate blades that move fast, but with little sound. No one will hear what you are up to!

Battery Display: Never get caught out again by a trimmer doing a bad job because the battery is low. This trimmer tells you its battery percentage, so you know when it’s time to put it on charge.

Soft Ceramic Blades: Unlike other trimmers and electric shavers that use metal blades that aren’t designed for sensitive skin (like the groin area), this trimmer has ceramic blades. They won’t cut or scrape – they just remove the hair with great care!

What Is Manscaping


Look better Down Below: Pubic hair that is overgrown and unkempt is not a good sight for anyone, especially your partner. Get things in order downstairs safely and without painful waxing.

Long Battery Life: The trimmer is charged by a USB cord and provides over one hour of continual use on a single, full charge. This makes it perfect for when you are on the road and need to do some personal grooming.

Full Body Use: Even though we call it the Balls & Pubic Hair Trimmer, this device is perfect for hair removal anywhere on the body. Use it on your underarms, back and chest and anywhere else you want to get rid of unsightly body hair!

Is Manscaped Worth It


  • Power Type: Rechargeable (Docking Base included)
  • Use: Bikini, Body, Face & Underarms
  • Function: For dry and wet use
  • Battery charging time: approx. 2 hours
  • Material: ABS
  • Battery Life: approx. 90 minutes
  • Nozzles: Trimmer attachment
  • Item Type: Epilator
  • Number of tweezers: approx. 30
  • Nozzle type: Ceramic
  • Guiding comb length: 3-6mm/9-12mm
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

What Is Manscape

Remove all your unwanted hair down ‘there’ with the Manscape Balls & Pubic Hair Trimmer!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Courtney Spencer
Works on kitties too! (if you catch my drift)

While this product says for MEN!! it also works on kitty parts. Take that, MASCULINITY!! Gender is FAKE!!! Bits can be trimmed however the heck you want them to be!! (When I say kitty parts, I mean, not actual felines, that's animal cruelty. I'm being coy here.) If you want to shave fun shapes into your pubes, or line up some sort of landing strip, this device makes lines. Shave a diamond. Shave a rectangle. Put unnatural shapes into your body, because self expression is sexy. You can also take it in the shower which is nice. I mean, you're not gonna be bald so it's more of a compliment to depth procedures, but it'll make your pubis mound look like you care about it.

Timothy Daly
Quiet & Steady!

This little unit is quiet as a mouse and steady as can be. Very smooth on the chest & stomach area without the use of the included guards. Also comes with several other convenient accessories. Love the matte finish on this lightweight device as it makes it super easy to grip. No issues with battery life so far and the design takes up minimal countertop space. Go ahead and grab this trimmer! It's quality and well worth it!

Andrew Lucas
Good starter off electrical Razor :)

This is my overall first electrical razor. I have nothing to compare it to, but here’s what I know. This electric razor is so even with the cuts, it really can withstand a lot of hair with no knicks. I used this to where the product was meant to to be used and have also shaved my hair with no tugs or pulls. It works great for my facial hair too, leaves no bumps as well. I have no complaints you can shave the hair any way and it’ll be gone. Usual after a month of constant use of electrical products they lose their efficiency, so far this hasn’t. I would recommend this product, and they will be seeing a purchase again 🙂

Shawn C.
Great Trimmer for the Fun Region

Never owned a trimmer for the groin region before this one. Prior, it was all razor blades and that ultimately became a chore. Decided to give this one a shot since the description made it sound like it was very easy to use. In my honest opinion, it does a great job doing what's advertised, just need to be careful with it. Though I didn't have any problems with it myself, it could be dangerous if handled improperly, but we can say that about everything. With the tools provided, it gets me the shave I want without causing any irritation. I almost want the hair to grow back faster just so I can use it again. I kid of course. Anyway, very easy recommendation to make and the price was right at the time too. Good pickup!

Justin Gonzalez
Very convenient and gives a good shave

After being told by my doctor to discontinue shaving with a razor, I was on the hunt for a set if trimmers that would give a good shave, did not take up too much space, and looked sleek enough to keep out on the bathroom counter top. I looked at a lot of reviews and these came highly recommended. I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel as they did not feel or look cheap. I liked that the shave was close and they did not pull hairs like a lot of other trimmers. I also enjoy the rechargeable stand which has a very small foot print given that I do not have large counters. I have had a few people comment on how nice they look. I would definitely recommend.

Ryan Peiffer
Electric hair trimmer

I was skeptical about this trimmer especially after trying three different brands and all were damaged by coming in contact with water. Up till now, it is still working and I clean it with water. What I like most about it is that it is powerful, compact size, cordless, rechargeable, water proof, and it can shave my pubic hair without cutting or bruising it. Other trimmers did cut my area and I had to return them back. The only negative thing is I wish there were more instructions on the manual.