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It can be frustrating to plan for safe, convenient transportation of your temperature-sensitive medications. Thankfully, this portable Insulin Medicine Cooling Case will solve your problems by providing an easy way to take your medications on the go, while keeping them cool!

Best Insulin Cooler Medicine Refrigerated Box
This Insulin Medicine Cooling Case provides an easy way to take your temperature-sensitive medications on the go. Whether running a couple errands or flying across the country, you can trust this portable, lightweight medical pen cooler to keep medications secure and at a proper temperature. The tight lid and unmarked appearance preserves your privacy and allows a safe, convenient way for you to travel anywhere with your medicine. The sleek and slim design causes the medicine case to be easily mistaken for a water bottle, so you do not have to worry about keeping your medicine discreet.
Insulin Cooler Device

The enhanced cold storage of the Insulin Medicine Cooling Case protects your medicine in a safe temperature. It has a 35 degree ambient temperature, and keeps cool for 6 hours. The cup stays at 5 degrees for up to 36 hours. It is easy to use - simply remove the small cooling device and put it in a freezer for six hours. Then place it back in the case alongside your temperature-sensitive medicine. The case has plenty of storage space for an injection pen along with other medication cartridges and pills.

Where To Buy The Insulin Cooler Medicine Refrigerated Box


Sleek And Lightweight: The slim features of the cooling case allow for convenient travel with your medications. Wherever you go, your medicine will stay at a proper temperature in the case.

Secure Lid: No matter where you bring the cooling case, trust that the lid will stay put and keep your medicine safe inside.

Enhanced Cold Storage: The design of the cooling case protects your medicine in a safe temperature. It has a 35 degree ambient temperature, and keeps cool for 6 hours. The cup stays at 5 degrees for up to 36 hours.

Discreet: The unmarked cooling case will keep your medical needs private. With its slim and sleek design, it could be easily mistaken for a water bottle.

Cooling Device For Insulin Medicine


Safe And Private: Your medicine will stay secure and hidden in the unmarked cooling case as you carry it along with you. It could be disguised as a water bottle.

Suitable For Many Types Of Medicine: The size of the cooling case allows for multiple medicine pens and cartridges. Whatever you need to have on hand, the cooling case will hold.

Easy To Use:  Simply remove the cooling device from the case, freeze it for six hours, then return it to the case along with your temperature-sensitive medicine.

Portable: The compact size makes it convenient to take anywhere. The overall dimension of the case is only 23.5 x 6.5 centimeters. The freezer space needed for the cooling device is only 17.3 x 5.5 centimeters.

Plenty Of Storage Space: The cooling case has room for an injection pen along with other medication cartridges and pills. Carrying your medicine around no longer requires multiple cases.

Medicine Cooler Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mark Lapointe
Extremely effective

I work in a mine where temps reach into the 40’s. Your cooler is both tough and very effective. I would like to update you in 6 months with more info. Only issue would be to make a bright poss fluorescent Color

Jennifer bello
Extended protection time

I am impressed really great .

Life Saver

Wow For the first time ever I am able to take my Insulin Pen with me. I left the container in my car in the Texas heat. When I went back four hours later and opened my container it was still as cold as when I put the insert in. The is huge for me. This makes keeping my numbers down very easy. A must buy for carrying your insulin.Ok updated:I left the container in my car in the Texas heat for 36 hours. Still freezing

Doug Shields
Great for long flights!

This is a wonderful product. It kept my husband’s insulin cold. Had no problems checking through security at the airport. We were on a 9 hour flight and the cylinder kept insulin cold for 24 hours. Loved that it brings an extra empty container that you can filled with cold water. This gives time for the blue container to freeze while the white container with ice cold water keeps insulin cold. No complaints here!

José Raga
Great For Insulin

My wife had to take insulin on a European trip where we would be 30+ hours without access to a refrigerator. This performed admirably by holding temp for the entire time. Highly recommended.

Jorge Hernando
Insulin is kept at the recom

This product is just what I needed! It stores two vials of insulin at the desired temperature all day. I check the thermometer regularly and it’s always spot on. I freeze the insert every night as recommended, put it in the thermos along with my insulin and thermometer in the morning and I’m off for the day.