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Inflatable Standing Sandbag For Kids And Adults | Boxing Punching Bag

Inflatable Standing Sandbag For Kids And Adults | Boxing Punching Bag

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Sick of staying indoors? Starting to get cabin fever? Now’s your chance to stay healthy and release stress with this fun inflatable standing sandbag! Burn calories easily without going to the gym or breaking the bank. This kid-friendly punching bag is safe and ultra-efficient for improving agility, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. With a thick bottom, it stays stable on the ground even when swaying back and forth, which makes it perfect for boxing training. You’ll be able to relieve your stress and your children can stay healthy and have lots of fun as well!
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Staying at home all day without an outlet for your energy or muscle growth not only hurts our bodies, it hurts our mental health as well. Build confidence and self-esteem as you effectively train muscles, enhance upper body strength, boost bone power, and lose weight from the comfort of your own home. This multifunctional sandbag is suitable for both kids and adults and is fit for any martial art practice. Exercising has never been this fun!

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Versatile Design: Can be used for exercises or just for fun. Perfect for practicing martial arts such as karate, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and taekwondo. With its soft built feature, it will protect you and your kids from any shock and/or accidents and ensure fun exercise for the whole family.

High Quality Materials: Made of environmentally friendly PVC material, it is safe and non-toxic. Both lightweight and explosion-proof, this durable sandbag is portable and safe to use anywhere. Made with a thick and durable body conducive to martial arts training and everyday wear and tear.

Double Cover Function: The sealed double-cap design effectively prevents water added to the product from leaking out no matter how hard it’s hit! It also helps stabilize the weight and prevents rollover during kicking. The durable material ensures that this punching bag will not leak water that holds the bag upright.

Simple Installation & Easy To Use: All you need to do is open the bottom white cover and fill the base with water, though sand, rice, cassia seeds are also acceptable. The more water used, the more stable the bag will be. Next, inflate the top part with air. And that’s it! It’s ready to be used.

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  • Material: PVC
  • Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Inflatable Height: 160cm/63inch
  • Base Diameter: 65cm/25.6inch
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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Linda Robinson

My grandson uses this daily and it’s very sturdy I must say.

Jay C

Its the best exercise espcially during this pandemic when gyms are risk. Highly durable and easy to inflate and carry from one place to another.

Evan Thimon
Exactly what I needed

A quality product, this vertical boxing sandbag, the feeling is powerful and domineering when you see it, it will immediately make you want to rush up to challenge! Seems to be made of pretty sturdy material, was easy to blow up! Good for indoors. Kids have not let it go since we got it. It can increase the amount of exercise of children without leaving home. I’m very satisfied.

Sunshine Mel

My husband is really into boxing and wanted to train her daughter and how to do the high kicks and punching so she would be comfortable defending herself. This was an affordable option. The bag can be inflated and holds its air. They had so much fun practicing with it and I like the fact that it can be set up anywhere and then stored away out of sight.

J. Aguglia

Perfect for energetic kids stuck inside more these days! 4 kids 2,5,7, & 9 have been beating this thing and it’s been standing up. I did set the base in a large bucket (beverage server) so I can easily drag it onto our deck for some outdoor punching sessions. Seems like it will hold up well.

Johnette Jones

My wife and I absolutely love it!!! We take out our frustration and we exercise with it. My wife finds it sexy. You won't be disappointed. Note: we used dried beans and rice. But alot of sand works good to. Will work along with air to make the bottom real heavy. You would need a funnel.