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Providing comfort and pain relief, the pain relief pillow can also improve your posture while sitting.

How To Sit On A Hemorrhoid Pillow

Experiencing serious discomfort from postpartum, hemorrhoids, coccyx or tailbone injury? Get this pain relief pillow now!

Even if you're having trouble sitting after having a baby, or have an uncomfortable sitting posture, a pain relief pillow can help. Shaped much like an actual donut, these pillows are designed with a center hole that helps alleviate pain and pressure while you sit.

Will Sitting On A Donut Shaped Cushion Help Sciatica

If you’ve ever suffered from hemorrhoids you know just how uncomfortable they can be. The itching, the sharp pain. Constantly shifting back and forth while sitting down, sitting in itself can be a real chore when you’re suffering from an outbreak.

Sit In The Office Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion

When suffering from hemorrhoids, almost every aspect of relaxing is rebuked. Sitting is painful, lying down can cause pressure in the muscles, and even standing can cause cringe-worthy discomfort. With these ongoing symptoms (in addition to outside discomfort), it’s simply a matter of finding the lowest combination of negative side effects.

Where To Buy Hemorrhoid Pillow

Pain Relief Pillows are small, and can easily be kept in one’s car, office, or home for sudden flare-ups. Or, to keep hemorrhoids at bay year-round, use the cushion continually to receive the best results. Even when pain isn’t on your radar, the pillow can offer better posture and blood flow, no matter one’s ailments.

Choosing The Right Cushion For Sciatica

With the pillow's design, it promotes healthy weight distribution, blood circulation, posture, and spine alignment. With its shape contoured like a donut, it reduces the pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, legs, and hip bones.

The cover’s material is made out of Crystal Velvet/Mesh Fabric and can be easily removed for machine wash.

Texture Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion


  • Tailbone/ Coccyx Pain
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Low back pain
  • Prostate
  • Pregnancy
  • Post Natal Sciatica
  • Pelvic floor pain
  • Hip injuries
  • Bulging disc
What Is A Donut Pillow Used For


  • Suitable for: Women & Men
  • Material: Polyester Fiber + Memory Foam
  • Size: 44*41*7.5cm


  • 1 x Seat cushion

Don't suffer in silence! Add to cart now and bring this everywhere with you to guarantee a relax sitting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Walter Oakes

Very good!

Allan Draper
Tailbone pain

My wife and I have had tailbone pain - with me I can’t tell you how it started or when I have been putting up with it for years and my wife for a couple of years
We both have had relief since just after we received them. Thank you for our cushions Allan Draper

Olalla E.
Comfort for my sit bones

For a year and a half I have suffered from bilateral ischial bursitis and thanks to the cushion now I can sit, as comfortably as my injury allows, without supporting my ischial tuberosity. It has been a good purchase and absolutely necessary.

Great design

Very comfortable to use. I highly recommend this product to relieve hemorrhoidal pain.

fine quality, excellent comfort

The only seat cushion I've found that relieves both tailbone bruising and hemorrhoid pain. Ordered two more.
Appears to be well made.
Navy cover blends anywhere.
Slow delivery over the holidays; but then so was everything else slow.


The firmness is great