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Handheld Shower Scalp Massage Brush

Handheld Shower Scalp Massage Brush

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To prevent your scalp from drying out, you need a massaging brush. This scalp massaging brush exfoliates your scalp and penetrates deeply, creating a hydrating and soothing reaction.

Best Body Shower Brush

The brush comes with ultra-soft bristles which feel comfortable against the scalp and help your head maintain blood flow. In addition, this scalp massage brush can clear away dandruff, leaving your scalp looking healthy and younger than ever before.

Best Body Brush For Shower

The design and bristles of the brush feel great against the head and lead to a relaxing, inspired massage. The aesthetics of the brush are wonderful as well; the watering hole, which functions to clean your scalp with a hot stream of water, is concealed within the brush to promote a sleek and streamlined design. Straighten your hair and promote smoothness in the scalp with this new, high quality scalp massage brush.

Bath And Body Shower Brush


Soft Bristles: The bristles of this massaging brush feel great to the touch and promote peace of mind, to help you destress after a long day.

Concealed Watering Hole: Experience a soothing stream of water which alleviates your scalp from dandruff and helps smooth and straighten hair.

Easily Removeable Base: Clip and unclip the base of the brush easily to refill it with water. When the water runs out, simply unclip the base again and refill.

Shower Scalp Brush


Live Stress Free: Use the scalp massaging brush to help calm and destress after a long day. Calm your mind by giving your head a great massage.

Clean Your Scalp: Brush and wash away dandruff with the healing power of the scalp massage brush. Clean your hair while getting a pleasant massage.

For Use Anywhere: Take the massager on trips and use it anywhere you please. The design is highly portable and streamlined so it’s easy to pack and remember.


Shower Scalp Massager

Stop dry and itchy scalp and add this to your cart today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Helped get through thick curly hair

THE BEST THING! Will definitely be buying more of this soon

Don’t hesitate. Get it

very nice product, exactly as described.

Snack Dealer
Feels great and nice colors!

I am very sensitive and a designer. I am very picky about color, feel, size, texture, etc but these are great! I like everything about it. It also makes a nice ASMR sound if you rub your finger over it FYI.

Mary Rode
Great scalp/hair massager. Go for it.

I looked at A LOT of these on here before deciding on this set. Mostly because the tips looks less painful, the cost for 2, and the reviews I read. Glad I grabbed this set. I was t sure how easily it would be to hold, Now I have another (yay for 2 pack!) for travel or my little gal. Bottom line, I would buy again. If you’re questioning this one, give it a go.

Joanna Crim
Works as advertised!

Seems to work as advertised. I have never used one of these before. My first try, it was a little awkward until I got used to it. The massage on my head was nice and the shampoo seemed to lather a lot more. My hair felt well lathered. My hair also didn't knot as much. Would recommend.

Affordable and Fun

When I first tried the product I applied my shampoo to the brush then used it to massage into my hair which is how I had seen products It felt really nice on my scalp, easy to hold, and easy to clean.