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Hand Sanitizer Station With Adjustable Stand For Various Height

Hand Sanitizer Station With Adjustable Stand For Various Height

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Automatic touchless hand sanitizing station capable of stand-alone placement and adjustable heights (47 inches to 67 inches) allows for high-level hand sanitation in various locations at the optimal height.

Using a battery source, this free-standing hand sanitation station can be located in areas away from walls and outlets.

Hand Sanitizer In Stock

Features: freestanding, adjustable, automatic, easy installation, battery or DC powered, easily maintained and operated.

Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

Efficient Hand Sanitation

The hands-free design allows for efficient hand sanitation without the need to touch a pump. By placing your hands under the sensor, it will signal the dispenser to either spray or drip sanitizer into your hands. Your hands will not have to touch anything before or after sanitizer is dispensed, limiting the chances of cross-contamination.

Hand Sanitizer For Sale

Stand-Alone Convenience

Mounted to a stable stand-alone floor stand, this hand sanitation station is easy to install in the most convenient and beneficial locations. Flexible height adjustment allows for adaptation to a given location. Pick an industry, and this hand sanitizer station will perform well in that environment. From schools and offices to grocery stores and hospitals, the ability to be located in open areas away from walls allows for the perfect placement of a hand sanitizing source, especially at entryways. Outdoor hand sanitation is also an option due to the portability of this hand sanitizer station.

Sanitizer Station

Easy to Maintain

Along with being easy to use, it is easy to maintain. Assembly is quick, as is adjusting the height of the dispenser holder. Install the dispenser directly onto the sturdy, weighted stand with screws. A window allows you to see if more sanitizer is needed. Simply refill the 1000ml capacity dispenser with your preferred hand sanitizer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Works well, the only improvement I would make is a bit more power when it dispenses.


Quick delivery. Simple assembly. Very well made and works great! This was purchased for our church and everyone is very pleased.

Justin Fricks

I want to say that this product is really very convenient. We don't need to do anything to protect our hands. You only need to put your hand under the sensor to get the liquid out. When I received the product, I couldn't wait to assemble the product and put alcohol in the container to try it out. It was very sensitive. When I left it at home, my son liked it very much and loved hand cleaning. The whole family thinks this is a very great product, without direct contact with the product, it makes us feel very safe. I am very happy for this shopping.

Ava Debejki

This is a truly stylish automatic dispenser. The sensing fluid is great. The height of the stand can be adjusted.


am so impressed with this product! It's very well made; the stand is very sturdy.

Kathryn Calkins

I like the flexibility of being able to adjust the height as we have a music school that caters to children and the lower height works very well for both children and adults