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Gladiator Abs Stimulator - Rechargeable Muscle Toning Belt

Gladiator Abs Stimulator - Rechargeable Muscle Toning Belt

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Have you always dreamt of a 6-pack, but found it too time consuming and hard?

Ems Muscle Toner

Now you can get the ultimate 6-pack by simply going about your day. That’s right! No more expensive gym memberships, sweat and strain and no more annoying sit ups! The Gladiator Abs Stimulator - Rechargeable Muscle Toning Belt is the best way to get your dream 6-pack, and all you need to do is charge it and strap it on! It uses EMS massaging technology to stimulate the abdominal muscles and accelerates both toning and shaping. Now, you can have that 6-pack summer beach bod all year! The ab stimulator belt is ideal for people wanting to build muscle, lose fat, get pain relief, or tone their abs.

Ab Toner


6-Massage Modes: Choose from 6 levels of massage to help build up your abs. Crank up the levels the closer you get to achieving your dream 6-pack!

Comfortable Materials: The belt fits easily around the stomach and abdominal area and is made from comfortable, yet high grade, non-slip silicone materials.

Rechargeable: You don’t need to be near a power outlet or buy batteries constantly to use the ab stimulator belt. Charge it between uses so you can keep moving with it strapped on.

Ab Stimulator Machine


6-Pack Abs: Getting a 6-pack is hard work. It can take years to achieve. Now you can get a your own 6-pack without any of the additional strain and stress. Let the belt do the work for you!

Lose Weight: With the building and toning of muscles comes natural weight loss. You’ll look slimmer, feel great and fit into smaller sizes in no time!

Saves Time: One of the main reasons people are out of shape is not because they’re lazy, they just simply don’t have enough hours in the day. Keep going about your day while the belt goes to work on your abs!

Toning Belts


  • Material: PU and Silicone
  • Item Size: Approximately 23 x 15 x cm
  • Item Weight: Approximately 180g
  • Function: Muscle Training, Fat Reducing and Figure Shaping
6 Pack Abs

Tone and build your abs like a gladiator for the ultimate 6 pack – with none of the strain and effort! Add to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lamont W
Love this. Who wants tips?

I've had this for nearly two months. Bought it mostly because of good reviews. It has a smaller area of effectiveness than some brands and that was a concern - at first.Target an area.I definitely use this on my lower abs twice as much as my upper. I could place it three different times for full abdominal coverage but find that going lower, middle, then lower again works well. I guess I need the most support in the lower, holding area of trunk. I agree that expecting washboard abs using this technology isn't fair. If that could happen, we could buy a suit that would do all the work (there's your first million, BTW) but it's made a difference in my abs. They feel tighter, stronger, and like I could take a punch if I had to. Helps with my posture, and does encourage more attention to abs in my morning routine. Oh, bonus; it has the benefit of promoting regularity - ha! (didn't think I needed that), I also like to use it while I'm on the treadmill. This belt stimulator has brought it for me and I got nice surprises too. It's a win.

Reginald Parks
Works Well as Addition to Workouts

Product works well as an addition to existing workout plans. The different modes and levels are great for intensity and you can really feel it working. I have used this for a few months now and can feel a difference in my core strength.I have not seen any drastic aesthetic change over time even with cardio. I think this item will work wonders over time. I have worn it while working out, walking around between sets and as a cool down piece.This item seems to be building muscle, but not cutting fat, so please take that into consideration. Alongside cardio like cycling, I then saw a mild difference. It certainly helps for strength.It is extremely light weight and can be under a shirt without notice. It’s easy to use and has simple functions to change levels and rhythm of the pulsation.

M. C Evans
I’m loving it!

When I first got it I charged it for about two hours. I put it on I was so mad it felt like I was being electrocuted. I was about to return it asap but then I’m like let me figure this thing out cause maybe I’m using it wrong lol. I started playing with all the modes some felt electrocuting some felt like nothing and when I got to the mode where it feels like it’s working my muscles I was ok like here we go. If you’ve given birth, then you’d understand the feeling of your muscles contracting cause that’s what it feels like and it feels good. Day two of using and I must say I was impressed I hate to take it off. I tried to get everybody in the house to try it for thirty minutes so they can feel what I felt 3 out of five not so bad lol. I think it works best while sitting doing nothing because when I tried to workout with it and clean my house with it on it kept bulging up and turning off, I was barely feeling it. But when I sit to read or simply just lay down and do nothing, it’s working it’s magic but turns off after 30-45 or so minutes then I have to restart it. Which is still cool with me because it gives me a chance to just relax my muscles. After a week of use, I found out it works best with hot cream or massage oil which takes away the electrocuting feeling when it touches my bare skin. Overall I love it! It gives me a great ab workout with little to no effort

Matthew C Madsen
It's legit...It works!

I've tried similar products and have been quite underwhelmed. This thing works! I'm wearing this Abs stimulator as I write this review and it feels like I'm doing very intense crunches. The day after I use this great device, I can always tell, because my abs remind me of the workout they had the previous day. I wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone who likes to work their abs while having to be stuck at their desk for any length of time. I feel like I'm getting a workout while I'm doing my work. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate to get it.

Tim DiMiceli
It has excelled!

Looking for an option to help me rebuild my core. This type of tool was referred to me by a friend. After it arrived, charged the controller I got to work. Wow is all I have to say after the first 10 minutes of use. Waited two days and redid it. This has been good in helping me get a core back that had lessened and caused severe back pain for me.


Okay so, no, you most likely won't get as ripped as the people in the photos. However, this thing does work. It's helped me get rid of that stress pouch that alot of women carry around their belly button. I don't use it every day. On average, I'd say I use it 3 days a week for half of those days and during work. So, 12 hours a week. It has helped make a difference. I would and I do recommend it to friends. I've shown friends and family my stomach and they can see a visible difference. Good product and awesome concept!