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Fuzz - Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket

Fuzz - Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket

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Relax and get cozy with this Fuzz - Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket!

What Is A Throw Blanket

Made from a high quality faux fur material that feels soft, smooth, and silky to help provide extra warmth and comfort to your body, shoulders, or lap. Available in a variety of colors, the Fuzz - Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket makes for a great addition to any sofa, bed, or other piece of furniture. It also makes for the perfect gift to give someone for a birthday or other occasion.

What Is A Sherpa Blanket


High Quality Material: The Fuzz Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket is made with a high quality fleece material that helps provide comfort to anyone who uses it.

Various Colors: Find the perfect Fuzz Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket that matches your sofa, bed, or other piece of furniture. Available in a variety of colors to choose from like elegant black, bean paste, wine red, light brown, water blue, light green, and more!

Machine Washable: Don’t worry about getting a food or drink stain on this soft throw blanket. The Fuzz Sherpa Faux Fur blanket is machine washable, making any stains or messes on the blanket easy to clean. Just use a gentle cycle and tumble dry with no heat.

For Your Home Or For a Friend: Add some color to any room with this faux fur soft throw blanket, or gift one to a friend or family member. You can’t go wrong with gifting a comfortable blanket!

How To Wash Sherpa Blanket


Suitable For Different Furniture: Whether it’s accenting a sofa, providing warmth to your bed, or adding some color to a room, the Fuzz Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket is suitable for a variety of different furniture pieces and rooms.

Easy Cleaning: Machine washable material makes this soft throw blanket easy to wash and clean when needed.

Tear Resistance: The fabric material is durable and resistant to tears, so you can keep this blanket around for years to come.

Cozy Throw Blankets


  • Material: Sherpa Faux Fur
  • Weight: 2-3 kg
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Shrinkage Rate: 3%-5%
  • Style: European
  • Dimensions: 160x200c

Throw Blanket Dimensions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David H
We keep our house cool in the winter so a warm blanket is a ...

I bought my wife one of these blankets for Christmas. She got tired of me stealing hers so we had to buy another. We keep our house cool in the winter so a warm blanket is a must. This blank is very warm and very soft.

Kristi Prigan

This blanket is so incredibly soft!!! I was afraid to get my hopes up from the reviews, but they weren't exaggerating--this is the softest blanket ever, & on both sides. Usually, I don't like sherpa bc it feels dry to me. But this is so soft I find myself digging my fingertips into it just to enjoy the softness. Thank you for this lovely blanket. My husband and cat love it, too.

SO snuggly!

Wow. This blanket is amazing. SOOOO soft and warm! It's the PERFECT blanket for putting over you while you watch tv on a chilly night. Both of my dogs love snuggling under it, too! It washed really well - didn't pill, didn't run, didn't shed. LOVE it. Have had similar blankets in the past that didn't last, shed in the dryer and on me, etc. Not this one. Seems really well made. There's only one problem with it: It's so snuggly that you don't want to take it off you and get any work done! ;-)

Karen Hope
Best Sherpa blanket I've ever seen! Beyond warm and soft, heavy and high quality! Can't do bett...

I've bought four Sherpa blankets returned the first two because they were at best blah.. kept the third thinking I had finally had a winner (and it is very nice)... Forgot totally that I had ordered this one.... Three weeks later this mysteriously box arrives and surprise! Inside is the most awesome blanket I have ever had the pleasure of owning! Puts my other blanket (#3 the prior winner) to shame! It's about 3x as thick and every bit as soft and luxerurous as the the other blanket I bought (and will keep despite this one's far superiority). The weight of it alone was significant, testifying to it's quality. This is no cheap blanket made wit fillers and sub-par products. And warm? I practically needed to turn on the area fan on high just to put it on the bed! This blanket could keep me warm in Alaska, in an igloo, wit temperatures below 40 degrees I'm certain! In fact, with my luck, it might just be too warm.... But I'll gladly take my chances.

Stop Sleeping on this Blanket and Buy it!

I have always wanted a blanket like this, and I have finally stumbled upon it! It's soft and light and no fuzz balls! Even after I washed it there are no fuzz balls AT ALL and it's just as soft as it was before washing it. My cat loves it too, he's always laying on it. What more can I say? Stop sleeping on this blanket and get it!

Sharon M.
Soft, Warm, My Favorite Thing This Winter

This is so soft and so warm. I and my dogs love it. (Really tried to keep the dogs off, impossible.) It survived a cold wash with dark grey sheets with no damage or pilling, however it bled - it is the first ever product I've washed and had bleed. I bought red and it made the white side a little pink along with turning my white pillow protectors pink. This only happened with the first wash.