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Frostic - Face Ice Roller

Frostic - Face Ice Roller

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Are headaches and migraines stopping you from feeling your best, while acne prevents you from looking your best?

Ice Roller For Face

Are you sick and tired of expensive creams, meds and dermatologist visits that do nothing for your face? Are headaches and migraines preventing you from just living your life? Then the simple and easy to use solution is right here; Introducing the Frostic Face Ice Roller. Just keep it in your freezer or fridge and you have a cold therapy massager on hand to prevent the onset of blemishes and migraines or lessen their severity. Get on demand cooling massages at your own pace and pressure whenever you want with the Frostic!

Benefits Of Ice Rolling Face


Detachable Head: Removing the massaging head for cleaning purposes is super easy. Simply pull it off at the handle and replace it after, so your massages feel and stay clean each time.

Always Ready: Get a massage whenever you need one. Keep the Ice Roller in the fridge between uses or stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before use. Take it with you when you travel.

Cold Therapy: The Frostic Face Ice Roller relies on cold therapy to relax the tension in your head to prevent the onset of migraines and headaches. It also increases blood flow around the face, which speeds up skin cell repair for better looking skin. Combine it with your existing skin care products to make them work even better!

Ergonomic Design: The handle of the Roller is grooved for comfortable use no matter how long your massage lasts. It’s comfortable to grip and won’t slip.

What Does Ice Rolling Do For Your Face


Relaxing Massage: Get a relaxing and cooling full facial massage at your own pace and pressure with Frostic. Just grab it from the fridge or freezer when you’re ready for one!

Less Migraines: Migraines and other reoccurring headaches are annoying and debilitating. Prevent the onset of these or lessen their severity with the amazing cold therapy of the Ice Roller.

Clearer Skin: Massaging the skin with cold therapy prevents outbreaks of acne and other blemishes. By increasing the blood flow to the skin, it accelerates cell repairing to leave you looking and feeling fresher and cleaner.

How To Use Ice Roller On Face

How To Use:

  1. After each use, clean the roller before placing it back in the cooling protection bag.
  2. Always keep the roller head in the refrigerator when not in use. A flash freeze also works. Place in freezer for 10-15 minutes.
  3. The roller head can be detached and installed at the handle.
  4. Enjoy your calming and cool facial massage.
How To Ice Roll Face
Ice Roller For Face Benefits

Cool down and relax your head and your skin with the amazing Frostic Face Ice Roller! Add to cart now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Courtney Penrose
I absolutely can not go without this!

I absolutely love this ice roller! I use it daily on my face and body aches. The cold roller is so smooth and works so well with my skincare! It truly helps relieve aches and a great self muscle/facial massage, relieves headaches, releases inflammation! Already purchase one for my mom and she is obsessed too! Highly recommend! :)

What hot flash? No more

Menopause- don’t like it. Hot Flashes- don’t like them. Ice roller- love it!

Jessica H
Great quality!!

I first bought an ice roller as I saw an influencer on YouTube ice rolling her face and so I started researching the benefits and really love using this product. I also like that it comes apart easy for cleaning. As a sinus/allergy sufferer, and I feel a lot of facial pressure- this is my go to product! Give it a try!!

Marcus Jordan
Love it!

I really love this ice roller! It's easy to use and feel coldeness on my face. My skin has been looking so much better! Also this thing saved me so much money,I highly recommend you get your hands on this product!

Love this product!

I know the lighting is slightly off, but there is only about 10 minutes between taking these pics. This is my third day using the ice roller in the mornings & I can absolutely see the difference it makes in reducing the puffiness in my face. Would absolutely recommend.

Joviana Key
Cool way to cool your face

I use this product to help maintain redness on my face and help with beginning wrinkles and help circulation. I keep it in my refrigerator so it’s always chilled. After cleansing my face at night or in the morning, I would apply a little bit of moisturizer and then use the roller to gently massage it into areas that I wanted to. It was very easy to use, nice sized handle. The roller part is generous. It’s a very easy tool and unique idea. Perfect for traveling or just using at home. Can use with or without a serum or moisturizer, either way it feels great!