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Floss - Cordless Oral Irrigator | Smart Portable Dental Water Flosser

Floss - Cordless Oral Irrigator | Smart Portable Dental Water Flosser

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Do you brush to aggressively, damaging your gums because your teeth don’t feel clean? Do your children not brush and floss well? Are you tired of not being able to get food out of your braces or mouth gear? Fret no more!

How To Use Dental Floss

Give your mouth the treatment it deserves, with this waterproof dental water flosser! Stop going around with a dirty mouth. Do your teeth feel gritty? That’s the plaque! Give your oral hygiene a level up with this rechargeable oral irrigator.

This water flosser will use H20 to clean your teeth, reaching what the toothbrush can’t, getting the stuff your floss missed, and even around your braces! With several tips and settings, this product has an answer for every kind of mouth.

How To Use Dental Water Flosser


360 Degrees: 360 degrees of clean. Get multi-directional cleaning with this 360 degree rotating nozzle. Clean any part of the oral cavity deeply.

Detachable Water Tank: This oral irrigator boasts a large diameter water tank, with a 220 ml capacity. This easily detachable feature makes it easy to fill back up, and so easy to clean!

Multiple Tips: With four different attachable tips, you can finally give your teeth the attention they deserve.  Including, a classic tip, tongue tip, dental plaque tip, and orthodontics's tip.

Adjustable Settings: You’re teeth have never been happier. Whatever kind of cleaning you need, this product has a solution, with 3 different settings, including soft mode, strong mode, and pulse mode!

How To Use A Water Flosser


Improve Oral Health: Protect against yellow teeth, dental tartar, tooth decay, tooth bleeding, and dental plaque. Protect your teeth and mouth by keeping them clean and performing good oral hygiene.

Easy To Use: This is going to make your morning routine so smooth! It’s so easy to get your teeth expertly clean in a modest amount of time. Now easily clean around braces!

Waterproof: Get your kids interested in oral hygiene, but don’t freak out when they drop it in this product in the sink! Though you shouldn't submerge it in water, you can easily clean this waterproof  product. A little water or drop in the sink will be fine.

How To Clean Water Flosser


  • Housing Material: 100% High Quality ABS
  • Certification: CE / FC / FDA
  • Oral Irrigator Noise: Low Noise
  • Oral Irrigator Use Time: At Least 2 Years
  • Water Tank Capacity: 220ml Water Tank
  • Power Adapter Input Voltage: Compatible With Global Voltage(100-240V)
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable 1200mAh Lithium Battery
  • Charging Mode: Convenient Portable USB Charging
  • Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Working Time Of Fully Charged: 20-30 Days (Work Twice Each day)
  • Water Flosser Size: 28.1 * 6 * 6 cm
  • Dental Floss Weight: 0.4 kg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Robert Alexander

This unit is actually great for portability. It's relatively quiet and doesn't have to clutter up precious space on the bathroom countertop when not in use. We store it inside the vanity. Our bathroom does not have a lot of countertop area to begin with, so our ability to do thus was a purchasing factor.I did a fair amount of research and product comparison before purchasing this model. Watching comparison videos helped me realize this was a quieter unit than the large countertop reservoir ones.It is certainly larger in hand than the narrow wands of the reservoir units, but as my first floss device, I had no problem with that by comparison to previous experience.


We love this water flosser. It's compact for our small bathroom and comes with 4 tips. The pressure is excellent, with settings that make the whole family happy. My kids are even excited to floss now! I bought it for my son's bonded retainer (and would highly recommend it for anyone with dental appliances), but we all love it.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to improve their dental hygiene. It is far more effective than flossing your teeth and can get any bits of food from the hardest to reach places without any problems. The battery life is pretty good, me and my wife use it once or twice a day and it can go about a week before needing to be charged again. The pressure levels are enough to clean the teeth without any issues. This is one of those products that once you have, you could never imagine living without it again.


I've had it for 3 months now and it works beautifully..

Emily Herrin

I bought this over a year ago and have been so happy with it! Once you start getting in the habit of using it everyday, you will notice how important it is and how brushing is not enough! It leaves you feeling squeaky clean and fresh, much better breath, overall healthier mouth! Totally recommend for overall healthier life!

Mary E. Mulderrig

Make sure to avoid your gums as the pressure may be a bit too intense, even on the low setting and especially if you have friable gum tissue.