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Feelgood™ Smart Airbag Eye Massager

Feelgood™ Smart Airbag Eye Massager

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The convenience of being on computers all day makes our jobs much easier than they were for previous generations, but it sure does take a toll on our eyes!

 Feelgood’s Smart Airbag Eye Massager is here to save your eyes from everyday tiredness and pain with a daily smart massage mask. It’s like a spa treatment for your eyes. The mask uses low vibrations, heat therapy and massage to help release the built up daily stress we accumulate on our eyes and is especially beneficial for those of us stuck in front of computers all day! Don’t let your eyes suffer another day and treat them to a spa treatment of their own. Each session with the Smart Airbag Eye Massager lasts for only 15 minutes, but the benefits are so great!

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Instantly
How To Massage Eyes


5 Massage Modes: Choose from 5 different modes of massage for the Eye Massager according to your needs. Modes shift between pressure points, heat and vibration.

Ergonomic Design: Get full eye area massage with the comfortably designed eye massager. Fits comfortably and securely on your face with comfortable suede like inner lining.

Touch Panel Control: You don’t need to take the mask off mid session to make any adjustments. Simply control the massage via the touch panel on the outside of the massager.

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes From CryingDark Circles Under Eyes Treatment


Protect Eyesight: Protect your most important sense with only 15 minutes a day of usage. Relieve eye fatigue from the comfort of your own home after a stressful day on your eyes.

Large Battery, USB Charging: No need to constantly buy expensive dry batteries. This massager charges via a USB and gives a long usage time. Great for travelling with too!

Help For Insomnia: Because of the low vibration massage and sounds emitted by the eye massager, it also makes for a great pre-sleep massage. Relax and unwind properly before turning in for the night.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Save your eyes from everyday tiredness and pain with Feelgood™. Add to cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jamie K
Highly Recommended - Ticks all the boxes for me!

I’m very happy with (the accompanying app is great too) so I felt confident in the brand.The high-quality packaging reminded me of opening an Apple product which for me was a great start. Very simple contents

Arsalan Alizadeh
So worth the money! 10 stars!

Amazing product! I got this for my migraines because I use a hot rice pad and thought this may be better. Man was I right! The massage and heat helped relieve my migraine. My husband loves it as well and said he never knew he needed an eye massager until he used it!

George Watson

perfect product higly recommend

Very Interesting Product

I suffer from chronic dry eyes and puffy eyes. So I gave this product a shot.I found it to be a bit heavy in a upright seated position, however, reclining or lying on a bed it is not heavy at all.My first use was a bit surprising. The device does exactly what is described, massage, heat, vibrate, and music.

Bourcier Mélia
Above and beyond

It’s a great product! Not only massages my eyes but also changed my routine of putting down the cell phone as the last thing of the day to putting on the massager as the last thing of the day - greatly improved my sleeping- will definitely buy or more pair for my husband.

Ben Wang
Very cool for the money

Overall, these do exactly what they say they’ll do. They massage your face, eyes and temples. The heating function is awesome, and works quickly. I’m surprised how fast it warms up.