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Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow

Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow

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Kick back and relax while at the office or at home with this Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow.

Outdoor Footrest

Did you know that dangling feet, poor feet posture, or having feet that stay still for hours on end as you work can all cause undue blood to pool in your lower limbs? This can cause increased stress and strain on local leg and feet muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all of which can result in pain as nearby nerves are compressed. Unnecessary pressure will even eventually migrate to the back that can cause debilitating back pain.

Camping Chair With Footrest

An Ergonomic Footrest can help prevent these issues by providing comfortable support for your feet and legs. The Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow can also be used in a variety of places like the office, the home, the car, and more to help you relax and be comfortable. With a breathable mesh fabric and elastic design, you’ll get long lasting cushioned support for your feet and legs.

Office Chair With Footrest


High Quality Foam Material: The Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow is made with a high quality memory foam sponge mesh material that doesn’t deform with use and provides long lasting comfort and support to your feet and legs.

Side Carrying Handle: An included side carrying handle allows the Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow to be portable and easy to carry around. Take the footrest pillow with you on the go wherever you need it!

Machine Washable: With a removable zipper cover you can easily remove the outer mesh material for easy washing. Footrest pillow can be cleaned in any standard washing machine.

Do Footrests Help With Circulation


Suitable Everywhere, Everytime: Whether you’re working at the office or relaxing at home you can take the Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow with you anywhere thanks to its portable design.

Comfortable Foot Support: Durable memory foam fabric provides excellent foot support to help improve circulation, reduce foot fatigue/pain, and alleviate certain foot pain problems caused from plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and other leg/hip pain.

Multi-Functional: Use the soft Ergonomic Footrest Pillow to kick your feet up, or turn it over for a flat surface to place your feet on. You can also place the pillow under your legs or behind your back for more support.

Do You Need A Footrest On A High Chair


  • Material: Sponge + Mesh 
  • Color: Black
  • Size (LxWxH): 40x20x10cm/15.75x7.87x3.94in

What Is Footrest

Kick back and relax everyday with the Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow. Add to cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Just right

This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something lightweight but effective. This will be easy for me to use at the many desks where I need to do my work as I often rotate locations, therefore work stations. Using this takes the pressure off my lower back. Others seemed like a burden to transport or the arch was too high. Just right!

Jeremy Anderson

Very comfortable and cushy. I like having something to rest my feet and this is pretty flexible. You can use it as lumbar support or for your feet. For the price it is also a very good buy.

Tianna Morris
This doubles as a pillow for back/legs, back support while driving and as a foot rest at your des...

Highly would recommend! Since I am always at my work, and usually at my desk on the computer. There is two sides, one of which is a non-slip. The non-slip bottom is very durable and ensures the foot rest stays in place under my desk, even when I move my feet or move to walk away from my seat. The other side is for comfort, and I thought this was a huge selling point. The foam cushion foot rest can be used for a variety of different things, at home it can double as a pillow for your back, in the bedroom this can go underneath your knees while laying in your bed (if you have aches when you sleep) and lastly this can be used as a back support while you commute and drive in your vehicle!

Steven N.
Foot Rest

Item as described.I use this under my makeup table and it perfect.You can use this when watching tv or any activity to give your feet rest.

good product

It was pretty good in the sense of giving support

Soft but firm.

I considered many similar cushions, but I'm glad I selected this one. Many customers complained that others were so soft that they collapsed almost to the floor. This one is extremely firm and hardly sinks at all, yet it's still soft underfoot.