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EMS Tens Neck Massager Pendant | Cervical Spine & Neck Pain Relief Necklace

EMS Tens Neck Massager Pendant | Cervical Spine & Neck Pain Relief Necklace

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Are neck and back pain making your days long and painful? You don’t have to live this way!

Neck Massage Near Me

Take back your body and energy levels with pain relief that works! The EMS Tens Neck Massager Pendant is a conveniently worn necklace that provides heated therapy and massage to the neck and cervical spine areas. No more harmful and expensive drugs and no more long doctors room visits! With this Pain Relief Necklace you’ll get instant relief no matter where you are and what you are doing. Wear it any time of day as it is lightweight and discreetly designed. The benefits for your whole body will be huge, so don’t delay!

How To Massage Neck


TENS & EMS Double Pulse Technology: This feature deeply massages the muscles, relaxes the cervical spine, relieves neck fatigue, and improves overall mobility in the shoulders and neck.

3 Hot Compress Levels: Choose from 42/47/52℃ (constant) temperatures to promote better blood circulation, help unclog blood vessels, relieve neck pain and relieve cervical spine pressure. You’ll feel relaxed and soothed in no time!

Multiple Massage Modes: Choose from 4 massage modes with 9 adjustable intensity levels. You can adjust these according to your pain level and massage preferences. Find you favorite level with ease!

Small & Lightweight: The pendant is innovatively designed, is comfortable to wear and easy to carry. It’s perfect to a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere without heavy or cumbersome equipment.

Ergonomically Designed: The electrode pads within the pendant conform to 270° in span on the various areas of the body. This device is perfect on the legs, arms, shoulders, and neck and delivers a more comprehensive pain relief.

How To Massage Neck Pain


Improved Circulation: One of the key reasons for stiff muscles and the associated pain that comes with this is poor blood circulation. This device increases blood flow to the area it is worn on so your muscles are looser and recover better.

Easy To Carry: Take the EMS Tens Neck Massager Pendant on the road with you. Now you can have pain relief no matter where you are. This device is perfect to wear in the office, on transport or while you relax reading or watching TV.

Move Better: With relaxed muscles and increased blood flow, you’ll notice your body simply moves better. You’ll be more active and comfortable in no time, all thanks to the EMS Tens Neck Massager Pendant.

Neck Massager With Heat


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Silver
  • Rated voltage (V): 5v/1 A
  • Net state current: < 1uA
  • Rated power (W): 5 w
  • Battery capacity: 550 Ah
Neck And Shoulder Massager

Add the Neck Massager Pendant to your cart now for neck and back pain relief. This convenient device lets you relax wherever you are!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Faith M.T
Great for Neck Tension 💆‍♀️

Unit is super easy to use. Initially we didn't use the strap to tighten it and we had mediocre results. After figuring out that we needed to tighten it, it worked well. It's super powerful and gets the right spot on the neck and can be felt in the shoulder blades also. Great unit for someone who doesn't have someone to place tens unit pads for them.

Sibel C
Neck Massager. TENS/EMS Technology. Heat feature. Lightweight, portable, cordless.

Light weight and compact size makes this easy to use and isn’t a cumbersome device. It has two contact points to effect the TENS/EMS massage treatment. These contact points are integrated into a loop that also incorporates the control module (which also houses the battery).Operation is straightforward and easy. On the control module/pod are clearly marked buttons. The power button, besides turning the device on/off, also doubles as a mode selector; There are four massage modes. On either side are buttons marked + and -. These allow the user to increase/decrease the massage intensity, with up to 9 strength levels. Above the power button, with the wavy vertical lines, accesses the heating feature. Three heating levels delivering between 107.6°F—134.6 °F.It contains a battery capacity rated 600mAh. They don’t provide charging time. However, operating time ranges from 1.5 - 50 hours!!! That is based on maximum feature selections (1.5 hour usage) and the minimum setting (50 hours). There is an automatic power off after a 15 minute treatment duration.Attached are photos to show real world images, with a ruler for size reference. Based on favorable impressions, this lightweight, capable TENS/EMS massage unit, with heating, garners a 4.75+ star rating.

Very compact and easy to use anywhere. TENS massage

I love how compact this is. The red is stunning as well. I can use this anywhere too! Very easy to use, the buttons are manageable while wearing around your neck as well. Heats up quickly and the different modes of massage are great! Very cool contraption!

Frank Gallegos
TENS massage for the neck

The closest thing toa a neck massager necklace I had tried prior to this gadget is a posture corrector that vibrates whenever my posture slips into a slouch. There’s no comparison really! The TENS functionality is beyond powerful!I didn’t realize that this would be a TENS massager when ordering, but I am pleasantly surprised! It’s an absolute must for the office. You just put it on and go. It’s not complicated with wires and leads to place into a particular position. Definitely worth it for anyone doing office work or sitting for large stretches of time!

T. Asher
New fangled neck massager

I had never used a TENS massager before, so it was a new fangled item for me. I was doubtful at first, but now I love the programmable, variable, rechargeable, and effective features of this unit.

K. Peterson
Saved me thousands in copayments

This massager got rid of my chronic neck pain