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Electric Knee Massager | Arthritis Pain Relief

Electric Knee Massager | Arthritis Pain Relief

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A knee issue can quite literally stop you in your tracks. When you have knee pain, you need a way to gently soothe and support your knee so you can get moving again.

The Heated Knee Massager for Injury or Arthritis Pain Relief is the perfect device to help you soothe your knee pain. It can be used to reduce pain due to knee sprains and strains, soft tissue soreness (including muscles, ligaments, and tendons), and arthritis-related pain. The device features both vibrating massage and heating warmth, both of which have three levels so you can adjust to your preferred comfort. The control unit’s LED display is easy to read and simple to use, and its 5000mAh battery provides 2-3 hours of use after a 1 to 2-hour recharge. The Massager can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit your knee and is made from soft, yet durable materials, all of which provide a high degree of comfort and mobility while you wear it.

Can Sciatica Cause Knee Pain


Three Massage Modes: The Massager provides a gentle vibrating massage that helps loosen the muscles and other tissues around your knee joint. It has three vibration modes so you can adjust the massage experience to your needs.

Three Heating Modes: The Massager also provides a warming sensation that helps reduce pain in and around your knee. It has three heating modes so you can adjust it for higher or lower heating intensity, and includes overheat protection to keep it from getting too hot on our skin.

On-board Power Bank: The Massager includes a rechargeable large capacity 5000mAh battery. The battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours and provides 2-3 hours of use on a full charge. It also includes an alarm to remind you when it is time to recharge the battery.

Durable & Portable: The Massager is made from durable, tough materials that are waterproof and greaseproof, so you can use it in virtually any condition. It also folds down into a small size and includes a carrying case, so you can take it with you.

How To Relieve Knee Pain


Reduce Knee Pain & More: Knee pain is bad enough, but did you know that, if left to progress, can lead to issues with your back, including scoliosis or a spine disc hernia? As the Massager’s vibrating and heading functions reduce your knee pain, this helps you walk more normally, avoiding potential issues in your spine.

Ergonomic Comfort: The Massager has been designed and built from the ground up to be comfortable and easy to use. Its shape has been specifically created to fit the contour of the human knee for the best possible fit and support. And its neoprene fabric is soft against your skin yet stretches slightly as you adjust it to conform to the shape of your knee.

Adjustable For Comfort: The Massager has soft, stretchable neoprene fabric material and Velcro fasteners to allow it to be adjusted for a perfect fit for your knee. Its ergonomic shape is specially designed to fit, support, and brace the knee joint for even greater comfort and allows your knee to bend while wearing it.

How To Help Knee Pain


  • Rated voltage: 110-240v
  • Power: 12W
  • Heating temperature range: 45-60C (113-140F)
  • Product features: Infrared, magnetic therapy, heating, vibration, portable, rechargeable
  • Material fabric: Breathable neoprene with 4 x jade stone beads
  • Controller settings position: Three settings with intelligent timing
How To Stop Knee Pain

How to Use:

  1. Place the Massager on your knee with the control panel unit upward.
  2. Adjust the elastic straps so that they are comfortably wrapped around your knee.
  3. The control panel’s functions are as follows:
  4. Long press the panel’s Power button to activate the Massager.
  5. Tap the Vibrate icon to turn the Vibration Massage function on/off.
  6. Short press the Vibrate icon to switch between Vibration Massage Modes.
  7. Tap the Heating icon to turn the Heating function on/off.
  8. Short press the Temperature icon to adjust the heat level to your preference.
Pain In Back Of Knee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brad Taylor
Great Purchase!!!

I saw this on a Facebook page group and was very interested. I have early stage arthritis in my right knee and daily pain/discomfort is a normal thing for me. The strap and touch pad seem to be built well. There are 2 vibration pulsing settings and a high and low heat setting. You can use either function solo or combined. I have to say it feels pretty good with both settings are used. It heats up pretty fast and the vibration settings feel good. The only downside is the vibration pulses and isn’t constant. A small complaint. I would recommend it for sure. My knee feels very good after using this product. Glad I got it

Analicia L
Good product for price

Exactly as described, easy to use and love that it's rechargeable and Wireless. my grandfather loves it

Brenda Marie
COMFORTABLE! Can wear with knees at 90 degree angle - GREAT!

This particular knee machine actually fits if you are seated - and is comfortable too. Many others are not comfortable or can not be worn if your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle - but with this one - You CAN! You just can't use it if you are standing or if your knee is straight laid out in front of you. You just will not get contact with the heat or vibration that way. The best way is either 45 degree or 90 degree with your knee. It doesn't bunch under the knee at 90 degrees. The heat works pretty well and I do not even need the highest setting. The vibration is nice too! The heat is right over the knee but the vibration is from two tiny boxes at the side - it feels better than other similar ones, though. The screen is easy to read and operate. it is easy to charge too. I really like that it is cordless and can let me relax anywhere with this on. I do like this a lot.

B. Roscoe
Easy to wear over pants and heats up quickly

This is a nice heated knee brace for those that suffer from regular knee pain and stiffness. The brace is easy to put on and wear even over pants and the heat is nicely distributed over the knee area. The controls are easy to operate and having an integrated battery makes using it even easier. The display on the front is easy to read and let you know what temperature it is at and which functions, heat and/or massage is active. Each of the functions are cycled through the two buttons on the surface that are clearly labeled.While icing is the best method for reducing inflammation from an overworked knee, the heat definitely soothes the pain. This is a good product to provide heat to the knee without the hassle of a wired heating pad or having to heat up a passive heat pack.

Melissa Fleener
Husband loves it

My husband has knee pain from a broken knee years ago. This gives him some relief from his pain. He loves it

Bobby D
If your knees respond to heat therapy, this is for you

As we get older our joints get stiffer, tighter and heat is a magical force that helps greatly.My left knee is officially my "balky" knee and as such it gets plenty of attention from anti inflammatory ointments to ice treatment when needed to plenty of roller ball work to keep it as loose and spry as possible. Some days, especially during the fall and winter, it is just cold and stiff and a combination of heat and vibration does the trick. Enter this wonderful device. Easy to wear with a straight forward system, what you get is the best of both worlds with adjustable settings letting you slowly (or quickly) work that nice front focused heat into your entire knee joint (and a bit of the ligaments too) with a good amount of stimulation.I use this both as a warm up device before cardio AND some mornings and evenings for a cold/hot cycle after after workouts.In combination with all my other home treatments, my knees (and especially left) feel so much better than they have in quite some time.5/5