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Cordless Men's Groomer 2.0 | Vacuum Body & Balls Trimmer For Manscaping

Cordless Men's Groomer 2.0 | Vacuum Body & Balls Trimmer For Manscaping

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No one likes excess body hair, especially when it’s “down there”!

Do yourself (and your partner) a favor by manscaping the right way with the Cordless Men’s Groomer 2.0. It’s like a vacuum for unsightly body and pubic hair! It’s quick, easy, and safe to use due it’s cordless design and waterproof, non-slip rubber case. Now there’s no excuse for letting it become a jungle down there! This balls and body hair trimmer is the perfect manscaping solution you can take with you while you travel so you’ll never be caught out looking unkempt down below again.

Ball Trimmer


IPX6 Waterproof Design: This trimmer is made with a non-slip rubber case that is waterproof, making it perfect for use during a shower. This makes the cleaning up process stress free and quick.

Cordless Operation: Charge the trimmer with the included USB Cord. This makes the trimmer a cordless device too, so not only is it good for use in the shower but also for travel purposes too. Get 60 minutes of usage on one full charge.

2 Combs Included: Choose your desired hair length with the two (included with purchase) guide combs. One measures 3-6 mm for a closer finish, the other is 9-12 mm for a more styled look.

Men's Grooming
What Does Manscape Mean


Look Great: With a trimmed and manscaped look, you’ll look and feel great. Unsightly body hair won’t worry you anymore as this trimmer eliminates it quickly and painlessly.

Safe To Use: Unlike other trimmers or facial trimmers on the market this one is safe to use and won’t cut your sensitive skin. No fuss and no blood!

Trim Discreetly: The Ball Trimmer is quiet and effective. It’s low noise emittance makes it perfect for discreet use anytime, anywhere.

Best Trimmer For Balls

How To Use:

  1. For a close and smooth trim, apply some shaving cream to the area before using the trimmer. This reduces friction and will protect your skin.
  2. Select the comb length for your desired hair length. For a close finish, stretch the skin with your hand and keep it flat to avoid cuts. Trim the area in slow, gentle strokes.
  3. Apply moisturizer after trimming to soothe the skin. Some redness may occur but will disappear within 2 days.
Mens Grooming Kit
Hair Trimmer For Men

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x The Body Hair Groomer
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Guiding Combs (3-6 mm and 9-12 mm)
How To Manscape

Don’t let it become a jungle down there! Manscape the right way today and add to cart.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
S. Freeman
Works great!

Great product. When you open the package it has a simple yet elegant presentation. Even the accessories come inside in silver pouches. The device is not heavy, but not too light either. It is small and has an ergonomic design shape. Beautiful to even look at it. The only thing missing is a tiny oil bottle that most trimmers come with. It has its own cable but needs a USB plug to get charged. It will make a great gift.

Great, Well Designed Trimmer

This is a very well designed trimmer, lightweight and easy to handle and use. Provides a close trim and works well from many angles, to reach those hard to get to areas. Covers all the needed functions, looks sleek, and is very easy to use and effective.

Ken W
Great compact trimmer!

See pics! Love the look and usefulness of the trimmer. Although I haven’t used it for the obvious purpose, the shave is gentle and comes close to a razor blade in terms of shave quality.I used it on my arm for testing and was impressed by the results. This is a great option if you plan on shaving your body. 5 stars from me as I’m satisfied with the results.

Derrick M
Great clippers. Sent my old ones to the recycler.

These are great “lower area” clippers. Hilarious that “Ball Trimmer” is in big letters on the front of the box.Seems to charge quickly. Mine came nearly fully charged. (Wish it was a USB-C cord however it’s a tiny cord and not one of those giant proprietary wall plugs). Easy to use, quiet, and doesn’t “catch” or yank out your hair. It cuts it without effort. The included trimmer attachments should be sufficient for most users. And they’re all vacuum packed for freshness (or…sanitary reasons I suppose).Get yourself one.

Chris Yura
Does the job

Out of the box this thing looks and feels like a high-end trimmer. The rubber on the handles is very nice to keep your grip and it's also not very loud which is nice. Works well and holds the battery pretty good too. Easy to maneuver and very light weight. I've been looking for a new body trimmer and I'm happy I grabbed this.

Wynter Z.
Nice size & shape but missed hairs

I used this on my whole face and head. The trimmer is a nice size and shape and is lightweight and quiet. It doesn't have a flashlight on it like some trimmers do, which I find to be good because the lights make lots of extra shadows. There's three LEDs that indicate charge level, which is nice. Being waterproof is great so I can rinse it off after trimming. There's two double-sided comb attachments for 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm so there's some but not a lot of adjustability for length of cut. Maybe good enough for most people. I have coarse thick hair and found that I had to go back and forth 3-4 times to get a lot of missed hairs. Once I was done, I used my usual .4mm trimmer to go over my face and head again, and got a closer and cleaner trim.