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Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher

Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher

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Our high stress, fast paced life today can leave you with pain and knots in your neck and upper back. Working on a computer or other device for extended hours causes you to tilt your neck forward which can cause a myriad of issues such as neck pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, and poor circulation to the brain tissue. Our Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher gives you instant and long-lasting relief from the pressure and pain.

Neck Stretcher


  • Reduces stress held in the neck and upper back region
  • Increases flexibility and ease of motion in your shoulders and neck
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves persistent neck pain
  • Eradicates tension headaches and eases migraines
  • Restores the natural curve of your spine
  • Eliminates annoying neck cricks and neck stiffness
  • Three adjustable comfort levels for max efficiency
Stretches For Neck Pain

The Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher uses the natural curvature of your spine to gently pull compressed and tense muscles while realigning the vertebrae of your upper back. It also increases oxygen and blood flow for long lasting pain relief and increased flexibility in your neck, shoulders, and spine. For initial use, five-minute sessions one to two times daily are best. With continued use, you may up the sessions to fifteen minutes.

Stiff Neck Stretches

Our Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher activates acupuncture points and provides ongoing pain relief for all your tender and sensitive stress spots. Using smooth, gliding pressure and the pull of gravity, our neck stretcher will massage stiff, painful, and tight muscles away.

Physical therapists and chiropractors are expensive and require time out of your day for an appointment. Our Chiropractic Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher is a must have, at home device for anyone stuck at a computer for six or more hours a day. Individuals in a job requiring heavy lifting can also benefit from our neck stretcher. With a one-time purchase, you can counteract bad posture, massage away pain, and realign your neck and shoulders whenever you need.

How To Stretch Neck

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sara Stephens
Neck Traction Success!

Received today. Used it immediately and felt relief as soon as I sat up! I'm excited about using this daily since I experience a lot of pain in my upper back and neck.

Joao Dias
Helps a lot

Tried it on a whim because it was recommended and I will continue to use it.

Jennifer Scullion


Maria Bates


Cathy Stucker

I lay on it for about an hour to rest my neck and it started to ease my neck pain by releasing the tension in my neck. Thanks to this stretcher, I felt much better after two day's rest on it. I really recommend it to anyone with a neck pain.

Jacki Van

I'm very excited to receive the goods. 5 layers are outsourced, which is well protected. The goods are easy to install and very convenient. There are three heights that can be adjusted, and the feeling is different depending on the height. I personally like higher ones, which are more comfortable. You can use your mobile phone while typing while resting on this product, without affecting your work. I use it mainly for the neck, of course, it can also be used on other parts. It will be noticeably soothing after about 10 minutes. A good product. This price is worth buying.