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C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow

C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow

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Unwind and relax today with the C-Rest Neck and Shoulder Relief Pillow! Feel better and relieve muscle tension on your neck, shoulder, and upper back.

How To Use C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow

Everybody experiences neck pain, whether it's from working, sitting in front of a desk too long or just generally living life. The C-Rest Neck and Shoulder Relief Pillow can help relieve chronic back pain, correct postural imbalance, restore the natural neck curvature of the back and improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscles.

C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow Reviews
Why Does My Neck Hurt So Much?

Your neck is an important aspect of your body, it supports your head and protects the nerves that transport information to the rest of your body. This highly complex and flexible body part includes the seven vertebrae that make the top portion of your spine (called the cervical spine).

When To Use C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow

Your neck has an incredible level of functionality, but it’s also subject to a great deal of stress. Muscle tension in the neck is a common complaint and there are a lot of causes that trigger this. It could be your posture, spending long hours sitting in front of a computer, carrying a heavy purse or briefcase, elevating your neck too much while sleeping or hunching over your phone checking social media, playing games or watching streaming video.

 How Does C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow Works

How Do I Fix It Then?

You need a C-Rest Neck and Shoulder Relief Pillow! It uses proven acupressure techniques to release tension caused by knots and tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and upper back. As your neck and upper back stiffen, your mobility lessens. By using the pillow for just 10-20 minutes a day you'll stimulate important areas in your neck and increase blood flow to the brain and muscles which helps them relax and become more mobile and reduce pain.

 How To Use C-Rest Neck Massager Pillow

That’s right! All you need to do is rest your head on the pillow and lay back for about 10 to 20 minutes. Let the specially designed acupressure knobs, spinal support, and upper back reinforcement do their work without you having to do anything more than slight head or neck movements.

Get your own C-Rest Neck and Shoulder Relief Pillow now and receive an amazingly relaxing massage from the comfort of your own home, kneading out all the stress from your neck and shoulders.

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  • Color: Blue
  • Material: 100% Polyurethane, High-Density Foam
  • Size: 24 cm x 21 cm x 13 cm
  • Weight: 460g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Good product !!!

Very good for your neck!!!

This is great. He just stuck it under his leg

My grandson has high functioning autism. Fidgety. This is great. He just stuck it under his leg, calmed down!!!!!

Mystery Reader

This is great for my bad back!

John Escoto
Five Stars

My wife loves it!

Samuel McCurry
This is great for aches & Pain

I bought this pillow for a car trip this summer. But my folks have already found it helpful for back and hip pain and are using it at home. Great Buy.

Love this pillow!

I bought this pillow for my mom who recently suffered a shoulder injury and has other back problems. She loves it. Two of her friends tried it and both of them immediately each ordered one. The massaging action is strong and the self activation feature is a plus.