Burnout - Men's Body Shaper Vest | Workout Compression Slimming Undershirt

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Shapewear has been around for years for women, but who says guys can’t use some shapewear too?

Top 5 Best Body Shaper for Men

This Men’s Body Shaper Vest from Burnout is the perfect torso slimming undergarment. Not only does it comfortably cinch in your body, it has posture correcting internal bones and is made with compression styled material. It’s also thin enough that it won’t be obvious under your clothes. If you’re ready to look slimmer without the hassle of lifting weights and going to the gym, then add some Shapewear to your wardrobe!

Do Body Shapers Help You Lose Weight


4 Steel Boned Structure: Inside the Body Shaper Vest are 4 Steel Bones. This helps keep your posture perfect while wearing the vest. This helps with the slimming appearance you’ll enjoy.

Breathable Material: The Body Shaper Vest is made from a mix of Neoprene (80%) and Nylon (20%). This makes it thin, breathable and easy to wash.

Multiple Fasteners: The hook and loop fasteners on the side of the vest secure it in place. The vertical zipper further cinches (comfortably) the torso for an amazing slimming effect.

Mens Abdominal Binders


Slimmer Appearance: The chief purpose of the Body Shaper Vest is to make you look slimmer. It does so comfortably, and subtly.

Posture Correcting: The 4 steel bones inside the shaper vest ensure your back stays comfortably upright. Not only will this help with the slimming appearance, it’s great for back and spine health.

Relieve Back Pain: The Body Shaper Vest distributes weight properly around your whole torso. This is great for avoiding back pain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Earle Whitemore

I love the belt I have back problems it helps keep your back in line also A good sweat for weight loss

Bianca Bell

The size fits my husband well. It is a little difficult to put on but once it’s on and zipped it does it’s job.

Nathaniel Cruz

Tried it on and fits perfect and makes you sweat like crazy and it’s easy to clean. Use a soft brush and some mild soap with cold water and then hang somewhere away from the sun and let it dry. Very easy and works well!

Andy E

After being quarantined at home for 9 months, I couldn't fit into my jeans. I look like myself again, after 4 months.


Material is great, reminds me of a scuba suit. The bands that wrap around the abdomen do a great job of targeting the love handles and pouch. The size does run a smidge small.


I wear these because of a bad back. This one is very nice. It's hot, but no hotter than wearing a back support belt and this stays put. The first time putting it on is very challenging. Very hard to get zipped up. After you wear it a bit it loosens up just enough to make it easier to get on without becoming unsupportive.