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Bunion Corrector | Big Toe Straightener With Adjustable Knob

Bunion Corrector | Big Toe Straightener With Adjustable Knob

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Are unsightly bunions limiting what shoes you can wear and making your feet embarrassing to show?

Bunion Corrector Reviews

Say goodbye to bunions for good and be on your way to healthy looking (and feeling) feet with the Adjustable Bunion Splint. This is a big toe straightener that you wear over night while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, it’s like you’ve had foot therapy! You’ll be ready to take on the day again and be back in your favorite shoes in no time. Wearing this device is easy and adjustable to any foot and any size of bunion. Simply strap your foot in and adjust the splint with the knob on the side. Stop hiding your feet and be rid of bunions for good with this Adjustable Bunion Splint!

Bunion Correctors


Flexible Rotation: This splint device has 180 Degree rotation. So you can still move around whilst wearing the splint. Perfect for use during the day and no need to remove when you get up during the night!

Adjustable Knob: Adjust the amount of correction for your big toe with the adjustable knob on the side. Over time, your bunions will disappear from progressively less tension.

Soft Straps: The Velcro straps are adjustable and soft on your skin. They won’t irritate your skin with prolonged use!

Orthopedic Bunion Corrector


Better Looking Feet: Stop being embarrassed to show your feet, especially in the warm summer months. Get back into your cute shoes again with no more bunions stopping you!

Walk Better: You’ll walk much better now that your bunion has been corrected. No more hobbling and pain from rubbing inside your shoes.

Medical Grade Device: This splint is made to specific medical standards, so not only does it have high quality construction, but it also meets medical professionals’ standards. It’s real health care for your feet, without leaving home.

Best Bunion Corrector

How To Use:

  1. Loosen the straps and insert your foot into the splint.
  2. The straps should go over the knuckle part of the big toe and mid-section of the top of your foot.
  3. Loop the straps and fasten Velcro to desired comfort. It should be snug, but not uncomfortable or tight.
  4. Adjust knob on side to desired corrective position.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Victor C
Works as described

I barely had for two days so too early to say if it works.What I can say is that it comes for right foot but all you have to do is reverse the straps and it can go on left foot. I slept with it, walked to restroom with it on and not once did it slip off. But it is a bit odd to walk with.Put it on correctly and it is comfortable except for the toe being pulled but what you expect.

Barry Friedman
Five stars because this is a long game – not a sprint

People might say this doesn’t work because their toes aren’t straight are missing a very important point! This is not a cure, but prevention for it getting even worse and subtle training of the bones and muscles to move towards straight.These are super high-quality, easy to put on and remove, and it just feels good to be doing something positive instead of watching the angle increase and the bunion get more painful.

Tina R. Hodge
Takes away pain

U can adjust it as you like.. it feels so good to wear it .. definitely if u wear it every day it will correct your bone position. The only drawback is that u cannot wear it with your shoes, but still it’s worth wearing it at home as you can adjust your thumb position according to your comfort..after wearing it for a week only i feel as if I have went for some physiotherapy exercise sessions. Definitely worth trying.

Ronnie Pollock
Best Bunion Corrector

This is comfortable, washable, soft and the velcro is super strong! HIghly recommend - and thanks to the manufacturer for making them affordable

Rickie Wright
Very good product

This fixes your bunion without surgery

Jeanne Sophia
Good design and sturdy

Not sure if any of these will ever be comfortable due to the nature of bunions but, this was well designed as far as how thick the plastic is, it still will slip a bit due to tension needed to adjust. the velcro is ok design but they eventually wear out and this vendor supplies an extra one for the arch so that is positive.I could get the crank to place tension on my toe, one issue is that the hinge is very tight so does not really bend in a way that allows the brace to stay on my foot.I felt the price is a lot for the materials used though.