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Breathing Exercise Lung Trainer | (RMT) Respiratory Muscle Training Tool

Breathing Exercise Lung Trainer | (RMT) Respiratory Muscle Training Tool

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Lung capacity is often one of the crucial parts of winning both on the field and training in the gym.

How To Train Your Lungs For Running

Athletic competition and intense physical workouts requires excellent lung capacity. Increase yours with this revolutionary device that literally trains your lungs like gym equipment does for the rest of your body. The Breathing Exercise Lung Trainer is an RMT tool designed to be adjustable. Your workouts will get longer, you’ll recover faster and you’ll compete more intensely by adding this respiratory muscle training tool into your workouts.

How To Train Your Lungs


Silicone Mouthpiece: The Lung Trainer is equipped with a silicone mouthpiece that is comfortable when placed in the mouth. It also means cleaning the device is easy!

Strapless: Other lung trainers require straps and other attachments. Just place this Lung Trainer in your mouth and get training!

Adjustable Levels: Adjust the resistance of the Lung Trainer as your progress with your workouts. You’ll notice a huge difference in your lung capacity over time.

How To Train Lungs


Increase Lung Capacity: This device acts likes weights for your lungs. It makes them stronger and increases lung capacity over time.

Work Out Longer: With increased lung capacity your workouts will become longer and you’ll experience less fatigue. Great for real competitors!

Decrease Recovery Time: You’ll notice a distinct shortening in your recovery time post workout from an increased lung capacity. Get back to competing sooner!

How To Train Your Lungs To Hold Your Breath Longer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Andrew B. Daugherty
Great product

I use mine 3 to 4 times a week while doing paperwork at my desk, yes it's that easy to use and helps you alot when you do go out and run. Just one word of caution is when people pass by there looking for Darth Vader. I do recommend it for people with breathing issues and smokers it really opens your lungs up and helps with your overall lung capacity. I'm 57 and I can tell the difference.

Easy to use...

Easy to use and as advertised. Using it to try and increase my endurance. I felt my diaphragm and stomach muscles a day or two after I started using this, so I know it is having some effect. Will keep using it before bed and before a workout.

Jessie B
Great for the price

Good for the price you pay, small and fits in your hand, easy for on the go

Good design. Easy to use. Compact. I can't find a thing to complain about!

Excellent! Very happy with it. Like it's small size. Easy to rinse off (And, you do have to do that). Use it at least once a day with enough resistance that I can feel it working. I hated that clunky thing they give you in the hospital. Broken ribs and chest injury on the mend.

Lynda J. George
Good lung exerciser

This item does exactly what it is advertised to do. Expand your lungs. Great for someone with breathing problems.

Robert Duncanson
You'll Might Make Wet Sounds and Maybe Even Drool But...

This was recommended by two doctors. The first suggested it; the second just commented that she was glad I bought it. I am actually aware that my lugging groceries up stairs is going more easily. I am panting and gasping less and am no longer wondering if I should buy a ground-level condo. By way of a personal experience: I have found breathing two counts through the nose and then exhaling four counts through pursed lips when I try something taxing has helped increase my endurance.