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Breathe - CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizing Machine | Portable CPAP Disinfector Cleaning System

Breathe - CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizing Machine | Portable CPAP Disinfector Cleaning System

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CPAP machines are saving lives on a massive scale at the moment because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it can be difficult to clean and sanitize them for all of the patients currently being admitted around the country.

Does Medicare Cover Cpap Cleaning Machines

If you need to clean and sanitize your CPAP machines, you need this cleaning and sanitizing device. This is an incredibly lightweight and simple to use machine that cleans and sanitizes your CPAP machines, keeping your hospital running efficiently and helping your staff work with patients rather than worrying about the manual sanitization of hospital equipment.

How To Use Clean Zone Cpap CleanerThis device works automatically to clean and sanitize CPAP machines, so your staff can move on with their days and help patients with intimate care. The cleaning system kills 99.9% of bacteria with the ozone method, which uses activated oxygen to clean nearly three thousand times faster than traditional chlorine. This method ensures completely clean and safe CPAP masks faster, easier, and more efficiently than any other type of cleaning solution on the market today.

What Is The Best Cpap Cleaning Machine


Automatic Use: This cleaning and sanitization is incredibly simple to use, working automatically to clean and sanitize your CPAP machines and masks. With just one touch of a button, your staff can activate the device and allow it to work by itself, without user input.

Kill All Bacteria: The ozone method of cleaning uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize. This is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning that humans have discovered so far, as it cleans 99.9% of bacteria, and much quicker than traditional chlorine.

Rechargeable: Your hospital will never have to worry about the machine running out of battery or failing at inopportune times. The machine runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has a ten-year lifespan. The battery can operate for seven full cleaning cycles before needing to be recharged.

Which Cpap Cleaner Is Best


Ultra-Lightweight And Portable: These machines are not only ease to operate, their simple to lift and carry as well. Its portable nature allows for easy movement around the hospital and a variety of uses all around the building.

Universal Functionality: The cleaning and sanitizing device works with both CPAP and BIPAP machines. Not only that, but the device is also near-universal, meaning you won’t have to worry about what type or brand of CPAP or BIPAP you’re using; the device will fit your machine.

FDA Approved: Don’t worry about the efficacy of the machine. It’s FDA approved and guaranteed to work properly with each and every use. You can have complete peace of mind as you use it in your hospital to clean the CPAP and BIPAP machines and keep your patients alive and ticking.

Does Medicare Cover The Soclean Cpap Cleaning Machine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Dorothy Gardiner

Very happy with my CPAP cleaner. Important to follow directions. I thought my was broken but once I read/followed the directions, all was well.

Tanis Bennett
Breathe - CPAP cleaner and sanitizer

Product as described. Arrived in timely fashion. Works well.

Paul Rennick
Sleeping soundlessly

I find the machine efficient and operating as advertised.

Harry Kleinert
Portable disinfector & cleaning machine.

I am using it. Easy to use. Hard to tell if it’s is doing what it’s suppose to do. I hope it does.

Maurice Hebert

I use it every day works well

John Turpin